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Did Israel Collude With ISIS to Justify Gaza Attack?

from PrisonPlanetLive:

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6 comments to Did Israel Collude With ISIS to Justify Gaza Attack?

  • Dissolution

    Ouch. More TRUTH BOMBS.

    Imagine that, Mossad being responsible for waging war by way of deception? Implausible.

    You know, it’s getting somewhat pathetically sad to see the arguments of the defenders of the Israeli state terrorism being constantly shred to pieces.

    Why not join the TRUTH movement? I mean, you’re already here reading this. Just come on board, boys. There’s plenty of room here.

  • Gnostic

    As we read this more Palestinians are brutally slaughtered at will, imagine you cannot protect your family, your wife & children in utter fear & then a bomb strikes & they are dead all while Israelis sit on lawn chairs & eat popcorn & cheer. If this scenario does not tell the world the demonic nature of this rogue state nothing will. Israel needs to be smashed back to the stone age, it will happen & the sooner the better.

    PS- Zionist controlled US & Britain have blood on their hands as well so take heed.

    • Jacobson

      Gnostic lie again from his comfort room in Europe .

      Israel & Hammas declared cease-fire from this morning at 09:00 AM .
      It is now 14:20 PM (Israel time) and until now Israel didn’t attack Gaza ,
      On the other hand , Hammas sent rockets to the cities : Askelon , Rishon-Le-Zion , Zikhron Yaakov , and Haifa .

      But gnostic know better and he cares only for palestinians ,
      If 100 people die from car bomb he wouldn’t care , and SGT don’t care too :

      Only palestinian blood is holy .
      When 100 people die in one attack in Afganistan is less important than 100 people who die in one week.

      • SGT

        “If 100 people die from car bomb he wouldn’t care , and SGT don’t care too … Only palestinian blood is holy.”

        so pathetic man, honestly. Get a grip on your humanity please. I’m getting close to banning your IP address from making further comments since you’re so detached from reality and unable to engage in honest discourse.

  • Gnostic


    I understand your religion permits lying, stealing, killing, selling road kill, and usury to goy, therefore anything you say is suspicious. It is proven fact segments of Hamas is funded by Israel & do as they are told, there are traitors & cowards in every race. Either way it is too late 90% of the world sees through the deceptions of Israel & will reap what they sow, you are only doing damage control, Israel pays well for such trolling.

    From ArutzSheva TV (1 min video)

  • Gnostic

    Jacobson, Just to set the record straight, You ten bring out how Americans stole American Native Indians land, well as usual as in the opium wars, boxer rebellion, civil war, war of 1812, spainish American war, Bolshevik revelolution, korea, cuba (castro is a marrano Jew) Vietnam, Mao, Black & Irish slavery on & on always Rothschild jewish fingerprints & their anglo/jewish/freemasonic-minions.
    Please read this short artice by a jewish woman who regrettably discovered her family’s involvement in the “Trail of Tears” Genocide.

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