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Detroit Forces Farmer to Destroy 248 Gallons of Milk, 1200 Free-Range Eggs

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

While Americans who can’t pay their bills in the bankrupt city of Detroit are having their water turned off, the state of Michigan decided to direct its minimal resources to crack-down on a few small food co-ops in the city of Standish for having the audacity to provide organic milk, free-range eggs, butter, cream, and other food to people who bought shares in their companies.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of Hill High Dairy, and Jenny Samuelson, owner of My Family Co-op, to dump 248 perfectly good gallons of organic milk, break 100-dozen protein-filled, life sustaining free-range eggs, and an undisclosed amount of butter, fresh cream, and organic cheese.

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2 comments to Detroit Forces Farmer to Destroy 248 Gallons of Milk, 1200 Free-Range Eggs

  • Paula T

    The criminal government knows it can’t get away with this en masse, so they pick on random individuals to scare the rest of us into their intimidation. This guy had the opportunity to fight back against the FED crime, and many HAVE, rather than destroy their animals or other products, and many cases have bee won in court. The cases of the pig farmers being forced to destroy millions of pigs due to being the wrong color(!) was another. My question, is why do these farmers cower so quickly, knowing full well the crime being committed against them?! By doing so, they’re setting a very nasty precident, that the Feds are able to easily get away with these criminal acts. These farmers are nothing but cowards, and they’re contributing to the demise of our nation.

  • Sayldog

    This is at least the third time this “story” has been run by various sites, none of which really know what they are talking about. Why it keeps running on SGT Report, complete with the same picture, is worrisome.
    All the “distributor” of these products needed to do was to obtain a retail license and to keep his truck at proper operating temperature. Simple. Done every day. Yes, for food safety reasons, PARTICULARLY with raw milk and unwashed eggs.
    It’s apparent and all too sad that so many jackasses are clamoring to draw attention to themselves while not doing their due diligence – a simple web search for the facts of this NON-story.
    Just like the little piggy brouhaha. Truly, nothing to see here.
    PS: I live in Michigan and have followed these from the get go.

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