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This article focuses on a more contemporary pattern: the bankers’ early death syndrome. One
, for instance, shows that from June 1 2013 to April 7, 2014 some 25 individuals linked to the banking racket died or disappeared.


Common sense, probability theory, the history of science, and detective lore all point to the usefulness of patterns. For instance, on average, only one of every 36 simultaneous tosses of two dice should yield double six. So, if your backgammon opponent regularly casts a double six when she needs one, she is probably cheating. Likewise, the fact that, at least since the days of Lincoln, enemies of the international bankers—but hardly ever the bankers or their lackeys—tend to die under mysterious circumstances, compellingly suggests that political assassinations are commonplace and that they are, in fact, one of the seven pillars that keeps the criminal bankers in power (see here).

In the past year, this generalization seems to have broken down, when over 25 bankers and their allies have died, disappeared, or got seriously ill under dubious circumstances. On June 13, 2014, this pattern culminated with the death of Richard Rockefeller, son of banker David Rockefeller. David Rockefeller, in turn, is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller bloodline and, possibly, one of the two most powerful men in the world. Many educated guesses can be put forward to explain these recent deaths of the bankers. Such guesses include a statistical fluke–random deaths which deceptively appear to follow a pattern; depression caused by the current economic crisis and anticipation of the coming economic collapse; bankers silencing associates who know too much and who might spill the beans under the pressure of government investigations; bankers underwriting hefty death insurance policies for their subordinates and then killing these subordinates to further enrich themselves; an internecine struggle among bankers or among bankers, generals, and spooks; and vigilantes making international bankers pay for their colossal crimes and arrogance. The last—least likely yet historically most significant—guess posits the birth of a new revolutionary movement, a movement that chiefly relies on targeted assassinations of influential bankers.

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