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Business Crowded Out by Mandates

from Global Wealth Protection:

By now you probably know that Obamacare is rolling out in phases, and each phase has had its glitches. First it was that everyone has to have health insurance. NO MATTER WHAT!!!! But the penalties for not having insurance weren’t going to roll out for another year, giving folks time to sort out the business of transitioning their policies to ones that are “market reform appropriate”. Naturally there were several businesses who were and still are exempt from following the law to the letter. There are actually six different waivers that are offered, and approximately thirty businesses got their legal teams into action to figure out which one works best for them.

Then there was the fantastic roll out of “”! People who were once paying for a private policy were being directed to Medicare. People who once had affordable policies that covered their needs were losing them.  And there was that middle generation of people who couldn’t afford the policies that were being offered to them through, nor did they qualify for Medicare, so they were given an exemption and offered the under-thirty plan. There isn’t as much coverage because the risk is lower amongst younger people. The problem is, the older people signing up for the plan are a higher risk but are paying the same price.

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