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BRICS, Israel and SA’s role in world politics

from News 24:

Most are blissfully unaware that at this point in history we are on centre stage, along with all the other players that hit the front pages of newspapers and the headlines on TV.

Many misguidedly see themselves as living at the bottom of Africa where they are apart and separated from international politics and economics. Many still concern themselves with our past history, to the exclusion of the present or even an understanding of the formation of our future. It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee.

With regard to Israel, the South African government has very clearly spoken out against the bombing of Gaza, even to the point of threatening to expel the Israeli ambassador and recalling the South African ambassador from Israel.

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3 comments to BRICS, Israel and SA’s role in world politics

  • Gnostic

    Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, the US, UK and its NATO allies (plus Israel) have become a danger to the world <<<< LEFT WING LIES and puerile stupidites. Israel is to the Middle Eest what Vermont is to the USA.

    SO, Vermont is the biggest threat to the USA!!!! I say we expel them to the sea for their lies and terror

  • James Stamulis

    Your anti semitism is amazing! The south african government? wow! where was the cry to stop all the thousands of missiles raining down on Israel? the Massacring of jewish families by degenerate muslims? I see nothing but hatred for Israel from your site.

    • SGT

      Open your mind label thrower. That anti semitic, intellectually dishonest BS doesn’t work here. As you cheer from the hilltop, tally up the total number of dead in Israel VS the total number of murdered Palestinians over the past ten years – then get back to us.

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