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BIX WEIR: Silver Smashes, Silver Derivatives & the London Silver Fix

While the criminal conspiracy to FIX silver and gold continues, and as the criminal cartel dumps $2.3 BILLION IN FUTURES Tuesday alone, causing gold to plunge back below $1300 — down more than $40 in just a few trading sessions, I asked Bix Weir to joins us for this spur of the moment interview to get his take on the “end” of the London silver FIX – and the current state of the CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to FIX silver and gold. Thanks for tuning in and for leaving us your thoughts below.

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41 comments to BIX WEIR: Silver Smashes, Silver Derivatives & the London Silver Fix

  • Bobby

    Bix Weird? That hack is still pushing newsletters to eat? Hi and his ridiculous predictions are for entertainment only!

    • SGT

      Bobby, try harder brother. Maybe you missed this one… 128,000 others did not.

      • Shana Hughes

        I’m still waiting for Sarah Palin to endorse Ron Paul to win the election. Oh yes and Bix’s contention that Greenspan and Bill Gates are the good guys among other equally ludicrous predictions. Sucker born every minute and some of us are very slow learners.

      • Shana Hughes

        Could you please provide sources for the contention that Barney Frank was instrumental in the passage of the Liberty Coin Act? Not saying it’s NOT true, but it is news to me. During that time frame Barney’s boyfriend was running a gay brothel out of Frank’s basement.

      • James

        I am still waiting for all those new $100 bills to be backed by gold. Talk talk talk..

    • Shana Hughes

      By the way, Bix, the eagle bullion coins began in 1986, NOT 1987

    • Will

      Yeah, I totally agree with you. Like all the club members, they string the innocent along and make money off them.

  • Eric

    Ha! You either read my mind or saw my comment from a few days ago.

    Either way, good to hear from Bix again.

    Great work guys!

  • Michael

    Does anyone here actually give a wallpaper street hoot what these stool samples do with paper price? The market manipulators are so morally bankrupt, they deserve to be shut down. The good news; they will rot along with the casino they have created along with the puts, stops, margins calls,derivatives,shorts,longs,and my all time favorite rehypothication, which is a new word for stolen. This is what sane investments have been reduced to.

    Thank you, Voices of Truth: Sean, Kerry, Brother John F, Silver Doc, John Rubino, Bix Weir, Rob Kirby, Jim Willie, John Williams, GATA, T. Ferguson, Jeff Rense, Bill Still, Andy Hoffman,Bill Holter, and others not mentioned here.

    • BUZZ

      “they will rot along with the casino they have created”

      the question you should be asking is this:
      will you be alive to see the rot? If not then silver/gold will most likely be a bad place to park your money. I think the best way to think about precious metals is use it like its insurance that the cartel will fold the system intentionally or it collapses due to its own weight.

      I read a good piece from Ted Butler: Silver Conspiracy:

      It’s now going on close to 30 years since I first discovered that silver was manipulated by excessive and concentrated short selling on the COMEX.

      Ok…well…perhaps you are doing ok if you bought all your silver at 5 bucks an ounce. but if you bought in 30’s and 40’s you might have to wait decades to break even. No one here can say for sure how long this can continue. It could continue for another 100 years. Look around in the land of amerika. Go to wal-mart and DMV…these people have no fking clue about monetary policy, inflation, or the corruption going on here. The game relies on confidence. When you look around…all amerikans care about is FRN’s. They own NO precious metals, have no preparations, have few skills, and can barely read.

      • J

        Do a review of Jay Leno’s old “Jaywalk” segments. That will give you a good idea of the education and awareness levels of average Americans. Leno kept ripping Obama and they finally showed him the door. America was lost a long time ago… corrupt and traitorous politicians have seen to that. Barring a miracle, it is not going back to your grandfather’s America.

      • J

        Back in the 90’s someone on the board of regents for NY state dredged up a 3rd grade exam from the early 1800’s. As a test, they administered it to present day (90’s) HS and College level students. They determined that the college level students were challenged to achieve a passing level. Charlotte Iserbyt and JT Gatto are correct: The modern school system is designed to produce dumbed-down automatons for the corporatocracy.

      • STEVEN

        Finally! someone get’s it….but this website will continue to post precious metals salesman pushers and say that Metals are going to the Moon! (tommorrow)… It becomes tiresome hearing “predictions” that rarely come true.

        • SGT

          Regardless of your personal views on the precious metals Steven this site features a litany of other real news & information each and every day. For those who care, it is our feeling that owning PHYSICAL precious metals is the single best way to assert your own financial sovereignty against a criminally corrupt banking & monetary system.

          • Eric


            Withdraw your support from this corrupt criminal and evil system as much as possible and don’t support it anymore than is necessary.

            There are still waaaay too many that get caught up in “price” because they still don’t know anything about ratio investing and how to VALUE resources in anything besides Federal Reserve Notes.

            value NOT price!!!

          • STEVEN

            Well SGT, remember this verse always

            Matthew 6:20-21 “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
            For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

        • Ed_B

          So quit listening to their babble. IMO, silver and gold are not about getting rich. Is this heresy? If it is, I DON’T CARE! For me, these metals are 3 things: 1) a long-term savings program; 2) protection from long-term inflation; and 3) a way to get my wealth OUT of US dollars and into something with a LONG history of retaining value. Wealth protection will be vital when the US dollar collapses, which it will due to the absolutely horrid mismanagement that it is suffering under. But gold and silver have been money for 5,000+ years and throughout MANY absolutely horrible times. They will be so again… and THAT is why we stack, not to get rich via PMs “going to the moon”. You can bet money that if PMs DO go to the moon, everything else will have gone to s**t and the ONLY way one will be able to buy food and fuel will be with something that has real intrinsic value. Gold and silver have this; paper money printed out of thin air does not.

    • SGT

      Kind of you to say Michael.

  • PeterB

    Great interview Sean.

    Always enjoy listening to Bix. I just don’t share his optimism that this is part of some grand plan. The only way to deal with the debt is through Hyper-inflating the Dollar. As Rob Kirby and Alistair Macleod both stated, ‘The Dollar has to go go Zero’

    I’m listening in from the UK….We’re in no better shape IMO. If there’s gonna be a re-set, I just wish they’d bloody well get on with it.
    All the best…..

    • SGT

      peace to you in the UK Peter, you face many of the same NWO issues we are facing here. but you ALSO have to pay VAT on your silver purchases, which is ridiculously unjust.

      • PeterB

        Hi Sean…yes the 20% VAT is a killer. On the upside, UK bullion is Capital gains tax free (well, at the moment). In a currency crisis I could just see them slapping a 90% tax on PM’s.

        • Ed_B

          “In a currency crisis I could just see them slapping a 90% tax on PM’s.”

          They could do that. But, if they did, it would give birth to a tremendous black market where people can get what they need without government interference. Yes, they will attempt to discourage this but they will fail. Government always tries to discourage it when the people find a way to do things WITHOUT any government interference in their lives. But, people are remarkably inventive. We WILL find ways to get around these government road-blocks.

      • Hugo

        Hi there Sean,

        Nice interview indeed. FYI here in Holland one pays 21% VAT on silver. But the silver pre Euro currency (the silver Guilder) is at least still VAT free. I still remember when I was a kid my grandma and dad always took out the silver currency and saved it and spend the worth less (smile) currency of back then. After a little while I started looking for pre 1967 currency and started to do the same once I gotten that silver was worth more then base metal currency…

        What I think has to be pointed out more is that the younger one is the more prudent it is to buy & hold PM’s. As long as there is leveraged paper the currency prices of PM’s will swing (wild) but in the Long run will outperform paper. And with Long I mean decades, not years.

        To leave with a positive note, you lucky Americans can still look at your coined currency in your wallet and see if there is some silver money in it and stack it like I did when it was pre Euro times here (smile). Do not forget most people dont like silver coins since vending machines for everything dont accept silver money and people who do not understand money vs currency actually want to get rid of silver money for the same face value as basemetal currency. I leave it to your own moral judgement if you make that exchange or not.

        If you are a cash currency fan like me this is a good argument to make in trying to convince friends to use cash more. You pay no fees and there is a chance you find a silver dime or quarter of silver and very maybe half a dollar. If you find a quarter, your local coinshop will pay at least $2.50 if not you are being ripped off. If it is in mint condition one will recieve lots more.

  • Silverado

    According to Stewart Thomson, who’s piece appears in 321Gold dot com TODAY, Dubai will SOON dominate the gold price discovery scene. Here’s what he says:

    “On that note, while the recent Indian government’s decision to leave gold import restrictions intact may feel disappointing, onshore India’s loss is offshore India’s gain. I’m talking about… Dubai.

    Dubai is known as “offshore India”. The city’s gold business is run mainly by Indian precious metal industry experts, and Indians dominate the buy-side of the trade. As the gold jewellery era unfolds, Dubai should completely dominate all gold markets. It will be the undisputed king of global gold price discovery very soon”.

    Sounds like FIZ gold and silver will soon be ruling the gold price roost, much to the paper pusher’s chagrin…

    • Hugo

      Hi Silverado,

      I also ready the piece by mr Thomson and I was puzzled why he did not post a link to that source since he usually links quite a lot. I did a searchengine search on it and did not found the piece he refers to. Then I went to the site of and did a search there on quite a few search terms and did not find anything either.

      Then I had a look at another claim he did not source in that piece referring to the Times of India same result.

      So I have to conclude that either the pieces was pulled by gulfnews and the Indian times, my search skills are lousy or he spiced up his report.

      Here the piece of mr Thomson Iam curious if other people here can find what he claims was posted in the MSM over there.

  • Silverado

    Does this sound like the paper pushers are going to be….allowed to set the gold price discovery?? Here’s more from Stewart’s column earlier today:

    “As much as 40 per cent of all gold flows in the world happen through Dubai and the city is easily the most important hub for the trade. Dubai has the infrastructure and the systems to set benchmarks, and even its own good delivery standards. It is now time for it to start asserting its role and demand recognition for its contributions to the trade. With such major changes happening in every sphere of business, the current age belongs to performers and not consultants, who have had their share of fame but are now ready to be consigned to the dustbins of history. If managing global gold trade is anybody’s business, it is most obviously that of the producers, consumers or those who make trade happen. Any other role is secondary.” – GulfNews.Com, July 15, 2014.

    The battle for control of gold price discovery is probably best summed up like this: Singapore and Shanghai may talk a good talk, but only Dubai walks the talk. In the supposed battle to overtake London and New York as the prime market of gold price discovery, there is everyone else, and then there is Dubai”.

    • Ed_B

      Personally, I find this suggestion ridiculous. The gold flowing through Dubai is not owned there, it is merely passing through there from gold producers to gold buyers. It is China that is collecting thousands of tons of gold(/strong>. They are keeping it in their vaults and not passing it along to others. At the end of the day, he who HAS the gold will make the rules… and that includes setting the prices for gold and perhaps silver as well.

  • Don

    Thanks SGT! Always great to hear what Bix has to say on things.

  • RKR

    According to the coinage act of 1792, a Dollar is a coin containing 371.25 grains of silver. I believe a lawful Dollar of the united states is still a coin containing 371.25 grains of silver. Why? To make a long story short, there was nobody with any authority derived from the People through the Constitutions to make a Dollar a 1 ounce coin! There have been no new laws passed sing 1976. The Silver Eagle is a counterfeit coin. It is not lawful money of the united states of America. The US mint no longer produces lawful money. Why? Because the constitutional republic no longer exists!

    Either we form a new government, as per the Declaration of Independence, or we are toast!

    • Gnostic

      RKR, You are correct this occurred in 1871 under Re-Construction. We are 14th Ammendment Serfs.

      Trading with the Enemy Act | (Mar. 9, 1933, c. 1, Title 1, Sec. – Proxy – Highlight

      Media release: the people are the enemy. “Since March the 9th, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency. It’s true! You and I are the enemy of the United States government . . . defined so by law in the UNITED STATES CODE!

      • Nd60

        OMG! if only the sheep realized what the goats knew and rounding things up…

        GET THAT GOLD FRINGE OFF MY FLAG! is simply astonishing!!!!
        Who would go that length and width literally to frame that deception?

        until recently when war broke out and the original land owners came back
        and make a fuss with weapons and blood shed….
        I was told and taught that there are 10 states in my home country…
        now it turn out at least one state was rented from a ancient wealthy family
        and they are the citizen of another country!!!
        what else wont the gov lie about and make it into essential education system for their control and shortlived-glory sake?
        and more importantly, who actually owns the land? as in in rightful deed, contract and covenant?
        is us of a a sovereign country or a registered corporation???

        who knows maybe one day we will find out the us of a
        was and has always been owned by china since Chinese was first trading in the land
        yonks b4 columbus learn how to read a map?

        is that not how it works? find a new found land and stick the flag and its yours?
        some claimed even the moon so easily…

        OMG… maybe those thin red line really means nothing
        when we have a longer vision and more apt at learning from the true history…

        what has this goat ppl come to?
        so they separate the sheep from goats and sheep no more and then what?
        they are still in this shit hole on a dust ball called earth…
        no matter what covering and make up and make belief (of the lack of) no?
        and everything all systems all knowledge all power is still artificially erected in order to look as if real illusion.
        is not like they get beam up and Mr Spock congratulate them ‘mission accomplished” and they are free from they painbody?
        they still age and cursed to have those baggy eyes hanging and lose skins
        and reveal their true form in intermittent puffing half breath…
        and oh…. still subject unto death, disease and destruction by the maggots (or fire in the oven)…
        and that is just the known on this side of matrix… judgement/accountability day on the other side no?

        Chinese has over 5000 years of recorded history and lets pretend thats the benchmark
        does anyone in 5000 yrs time give a toss what ush and inton did in their ‘glorious’ moments?
        is there any guaranteed their seed would even exist at the 5000 years time…
        there is no kingdom that lasted over 3 generations and not end up head in the basket…
        so whats all this “pen and phone i have” about?
        do you know what happen just 500 years ago?
        would you spend half a day to go to your local library to find out?
        would you even care to find out the last 20 people who live in that house/land you now currently live in and know their individual story?
        so what glory? what power? if nobody give a F
        perhaps Dr Who is right “If no one remembers you, you dont exist.”
        He may have borrow that from the astrophysics,
        “if a branch fall in the middle of the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

        I just dont see the point… truly… sad case…
        these smashing and backdoor and momo and popo or whatever…
        “why throw sharp pointy stone before you when the road is already winding and steep?” – Ancient Zen Monk

        we could have concentrate our human collective energy in physical mind and spirit
        and we could have all be the Jetsons by now …
        and there will be ever expending frontier of land/planets and space/black holes
        to conquer and to own (if that be their ultimate prize) no?

        one of my favorite quote and may we all live to defy it,
        at least in our daily moments in the short few earth-clock-time existence years,
        The only lesson human has learn from history
        is that humans has not learn anything from history.

        seemingly you have some sense how this story will and must end too.
        do what you have to do and may the force be with you
        (whatever force you wish to attribute to as your guide and protection)

        be safe.

  • andrew james

    My favorite Silver coin to buy is the 1955-D Washington quarter. I want them all. Really.

  • NaySayer

    Bix is a little too optimistic for my assessment of the current and probably future situation. I like what he has to say, but I don’t believe his unicorns and rainbows will actually appear.

    I was watching old early black and white episodes of “Perry Mason” on a retro tv station and it is hilarious what they have to say about money. This is a show from the 60s, I believe and they were shocked and appalled about what could possibly make a restaurant think they could charge $1 for a cup of coffee.

    They also stated that a “really expensive” woman’s purse was $45 dollarss. A Birken bag costs $10,000.00 each and you have to get on a waiting list for one. This is some amazing vintage peeks at what things used to cost before the last 50 years of monetary devaluation by the federal reserve.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed, NS. I am a real Perry Mason fan and have collected all but 3 of the 271 shows produced for that series. I always get a chuckle from both their scrambling to find a phone all the time and the restaurant prices for various items that are 1/10th of what is charged today… or less. If this is not a great explanation of what inflation really is, I do not know what would be. But then, as an old fart, I was alive back in the 1950s and 1960s, so have seen all this with my own eyes. Back then a gallon of gas cost a quarter and sometimes less. Today, it is $4 and sometimes more, which is at least 16x more. Those who saved a paper dollar from those days still have… a dollar. But those who saved $1 face worth of silver coins from back then have much more than $1. They still have their purchasing power intact, which the paper folks do not. Now, which of these should we save for the long-term? No, this is not a trick question. 😉

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