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Bix Weir & Chris Duane – Is There Life After The Silver Fix?


Bix Weir and Chris Duane sat down for a round table discussion earlier today.

They talk about how they got into the sound money camp, how the system has managed to keep functioning the past six years and where they see it heading in the future. The Silver Fix ends on August 14, 2014, after 117 years. What’s next?

They give their candid views on silver, the fix, the banksters and much more.

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9 comments to Bix Weir & Chris Duane – Is There Life After The Silver Fix?

  • boogoo

    AH YES!! BIX AND CHRIS..WHat a team…I guess they are both in the same camp…

    Silver to EXPLODE…aaaaaallllll the waaaaaayyyyy dooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn.

    I’m surprised KWN hasn’t given them a regular spot!!!!

  • John

    If you want the meat and potatos of this rountable, just cut to the video from the minute mark of 19:30 to 23:00 and pay particular attention to what Chris Duane is saying. In my humble opinion, he nails it all to the wall right there in three and a half minutes. He gives us the solution to all the madness!

  • Ed_B

    I find both of these guys interesting and entertaining but I would not bet money on any predictions they might make.

    I’ve been in the hard money camp since 2009 and buy both silver and gold on a regular basis… but, not because it is “going to the moon” or any other such nonsense… but, because it is an excellent idea all on its own.

    PMs are my financial insurance plan, my long-term savings plan, AND my wealth preservation from currency inflation and devaluation plan. Building a stack is something that can be done over time via the dollar cost averaging plan. Just buy a fixed number of ounces every month, quarter, or any other routine time period that works for you. In time, you will have a nice stack and all the financial protection that it implies.

    But, there is no reason to get hysterical about it, go “all in”, or rush out and buy more PMs than you can afford. When the prices dip, buy a little more. When they rise, either save your cash for the next dip or buy your regular planned amount. This is not a sprint, folks, it’s a cross country run and we should be “in it to win it” over the long term. 🙂

  • Eric

    Yea Chris nails it. I do believe there are a lot of white hats or good guys out there but at the end of the day, it doesnt matter. None of us can rely on that.

    What we can do is empower ourselves and focus on trying to bring others along into the next paradigm by building something stronger and better based on reality rather than falsehoods.

    I can’t believe there are still morons out there that believe Obama saved the economy.

    I can’t wait to start using the silvershieldexchange. Looking forward to it. Hopefully soon but I am currently spending a small fortune at the dentist. Probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made, in my health.

  • Anon

    I’m a “little” concerned, that the “new” silver fix, is: 1) Being handled by THOMSON REUTERS (ahem…Rothschild-owned Thomson Reuters), and the CME, and 2) Is electronic. THAT (kind of transparency) worked really well in electronic “voting”, didn’t it?

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