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Big Pharma Wants You High on Pills Not Weed

from breakingtheset:

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1 comment to Big Pharma Wants You High on Pills Not Weed

  • When I arrived at a libertarian argument for total legalization of all drugs used for recreational purposes, I would first ask if anyone could recall having heard of street-slime pushing vodka or beer on 4th graders.
    The answer is ‘no’ since doing this would risk jail time and the profit motive is lacking.
    I believe that big pharma has drugs available that would be less addictive and could be made at such low cost that the truly dangerous stuff would eventually disappear. these drugs would be sold with the same kind of controls applied to alcoholic beverages now.

    Making drugs legal would reduce the profit motive to the point it would no longer be attractive to deal them on street corners and would allow those who use them to still go to work Monday morning.

    Along with the attendant reduction in crime now caused by prohibition, we would also have the names and addresses of the makers of a defective drug, something you cannot do with today’s underground drug manufacturers.

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