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Big Biotech, Bill Gates Working to Create GMO Super Banana to Fight Malnutrition

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Just like the shoddy experiment of GMO golden rice, big biotech, along with its friendly funders, is now going to develop a GMO banana. The genetically modified bananas are meant to take on malnutrition in the developing world, namely Africa, one of the targets of the GMO industry and Gates’ vaccine programs.

Golden rice was developed to be a rich source of vitamin A, offered as a ‘cure’ to the third world for deficiency. The Rockefellers have withdrawn their original funding for this project because it turns out you’d have to eat about twelve bowls of the stuff to get the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A.

What was really behind the development of GMO rice was an intent to patent one of the largest agricultural crops on the planet. Bill Gates came along to promote the monoculture, intending to reap benefits from the patent on the seed. He had no intention of stopping starvation or malnutrition. A simple vitamin could do that.

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