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WARNING: Massive INFLATION & HYPERINFLATION of the DOLLAR is on the Way, As in “NO PURCHASING POWER” — John Williams

from Sprott Money:

Probably the worst fundamentals facing the Dollar… I don’t think things have ever been more negative… I’m looking at hyperinflation where the US Dollar becomes absolutely worthless, as in NO PURCHASING POWER… You could see gold at $100,000 an ounce USD, could be a MILLION, eventually could be a BILLION as the Dollar loses value.” – John Williams

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39 comments to WARNING: Massive INFLATION & HYPERINFLATION of the DOLLAR is on the Way, As in “NO PURCHASING POWER” — John Williams

  • Steelerdude

    Zimbabwe here we come! Lol! In any case if this does happen, I wont have enough
    gold and silver to sustain living…no matter how much I stacked…

  • Sam

    @ Steelerdude, “Zimbabwe here we come” …Unfortunately, that is the clear path the banksters and their minions have guided the insane economic model, of course for their own benefit.

    Interestingly, there was some excellent reporting on Zimbabwe that you reference during their relatively recent hyperinflation on the web. Au was the saving grace if one could find/dig up/pan enough of it to trade for bread and other life sustaining necessities. God help you if you didn’t have any or were incapable of obtaining it.

    John Williams unwavering attention to non-bastardized stats is excellent and shows how screwed up the crooks are in this aspect of reporting BS stats for the sheeple.

    • Ed_B

      I agree, Sam. There are some interesting parallels that can be drawn between Zimbabwe and the US, particularly as regards the very initial stages of their hyper-inflation. For one, both their and our stock markets were showing all time highs. For another their Gov was lying about the level of inflation. I am sure that there are more than this. Maybe someone will write an article on this for a much better comparison.

      I saw a You Tube video that a guy from Zimbabwe made and it painted a very grim picture of what life had become there. Yes, gold was THE thing to have. Those who had it could buy the food they needed. Those who did not either got very hungry or stole food from others. It’s not a good thing to steal but one can easily understand people doing it to survive or to feed their family. He did not mention silver, likely because there was not a lot of silver to be had there. Gold was available in rivers, streams, and just hand-dug mines. he said that they needed to find 0.2 grams per person per day to survive. Younger people with the strength to hunt for gold often did OK. Older people or anyone who was not strong often were not able to do any mining. Starvation was wide spread and malnutrition was almost universal. Those with gold and guns did the best.

      While a hyper-inflation IS a terrible thing, it does not last forever. After a year or two, it ends, so one only has to have the resources to get through that very bad time before things become somewhat normalized. ANY amount of gold and silver WILL be very helpful to those who have it when their currency dies. More is better than less, so stack all that you can reasonably afford.

      It is shocking that Zimbabwe fell upon such hard times. Most people do not know that Zimbabwe was once called Rhodesia and when it was under white rule, it was a VERY productive and fertile area. In fact, it exported food to a good portion of Africa and its farmers made good livings. When Robert Mugabe came to power, he stole the land from the white farmers and gave it to his supporters. Unfortunately, many of them were soldiers, not farmers, and agricultural productivity plummeted. This is all tied in with the collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy and the printing of currency in a misconstrued effort to save it. Unfortunately, printing currency does not create any wealth. It is the efficient production of goods and services that create wealth. Currency is merely the score sheets in this game, so no matter how many score sheets we have, it doesn’t change the outcome of the game.

      • Anon

        “Ed_B” – I think you got it right: “ANY amount of gold and silver WILL be very helpful to those who have it when their currency dies. More is better than less, so stack all that you can reasonably afford.”

        Great comment. I’d also suggest that people consider three other vital concerns, when we actually have the situation, where the USD/FRN goes to ZERO value: 1) Clean drinking water, 2) Food security, and 3) Physical security (from “Zombies”). Just sayin’. Also, it’s good to have some extremely practical items, that can be used to barter for necessities, like food.

  • Tbear

    “Here we come”?????

    Shadowstats’ John Williams: Prepare For The Hyperinflationary Great Depression

    John Williams Sees The Onset Of Hyperinflation In As Little As 6 To 9 Months As Fed “Tap Dances On A Land Mine”
    **** 09/14/2010****

    John Williams of ShadowStats Warns Hyperinflation Will Start in the Next Couple Months!
    ****Dec 11, 2010****

    • SGT

      yep… he’s quite the nut. Despite governments engaging in unprecedented criminal behavior economically speaking (and otherwise), I’m sure he’s completely wrong… (and if you agree with that, keep your Dollars!)

      • mb

        His point is still valid. While it does appear that hyperinflation is guaranteed to happen at some point, he’s lost credibility in his attempts to time the event.

      • Tbear

        Didn’t say he’s a nut & I certainly didn’t say he’s wrong. His article from Dec 11, 2010 claimed “Hyperinflation will start in a couple of months.” That was approximately 54 months ago. Now he claims it’s on the way. Of course it’s on the way, we all know that!!
        I’m just questioning how someone with his credentials wasn’t aware of the depth of criminal behavior the government would stoop to. He never envisioned the can being continuously kicked..??? Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, even professionals. Sorry, but at this point I’m not cutting him any slack!

        • Tbear

          Correction.. 42 months ago. Sorry! 🙂

          • Beligerant

            I’ve seen these posts before on other sites to discredit John Williams. If you really listen to the interviews he typically states hyperinflation can happen at anytime even within 5 or 6 months. Then the person interviewing and posting the article will make bullet points that John Williams predicts hyperinflation in 6 months when he never made that exact call. The commentator uses it as window dressings to get his article read by the masses.

            However, no one can predict hyperinflation of the worlds reserve currency. There’s just too many variables and games which can be played. What I believe all of these predictors such as John Williams and Gerald Celente did not and could not know is all of the Central Banks were printing in tandem to keep their currencies of similar value. If this was not true then hyperinflation or similar events would had already occurred in many countries such as China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia, etc. However, as long as they equally debase their currency it keeps hyperinflation from happening plus they all work in tandem to keep gold suppressed. The unfortunate part is inflation will reel its ugly head one way or the other. Now we are witnessing food price inflation soaring!! The last time this happened was in the 1970’s and they started using all types of cheap ingredients including putting corn into everything. The result was a surge in obesity and assume they are already doing similar things to food products in order to try and hide inflation.

    • Sam

      What some apparently cannot grasp is the fact that despite the calls of hyperinflation that John Williams calculations truthfully do reflect, the crooks have come up with the farce of “too big to fail” QE 1,2,3 twist and others devices that are NOT normal nor could they be anticipated by any rational thinking person in a supposed free market economy or by any sane person examining once great Republic.

      In short, the system is dead and is only being propped up by criminals using crooked methods unknown and undreamed of.

      This is why many countries are backing away from the toxic US dollar, wake up.

  • mickeymoist

    Are you kidding me? 1,000,000,000/oz gold? These PM pumping stories are getting way out control. Funny how Karen Hudes’”Homo Capensis” rant gets pulled because of ”disinfo” but 1 Billion oz Gold is reasonable and sane…

    • frank

      All that means is that in american dollar terms it will be astronimical. Its more a reflection of how worthless the dollar will be than how much higher gold will go.

      The price for an Oz in other currencies would be different. If there are any strong currencies left, for example, Canadian dollars, if could cost 5000 canadian dollars an oz, but still 1 billion american dollars an oz.


      GENTLEMEN !!!! He was only using that price as an example of the effects of hyperinflation………………DUH !!!!

      • mickeymoist

        I just listened to the Hudes interview. NO RANT about “Homo Capensis” anywhere. Besides the fact that I’m stunned at this shocking discovery, it turns out the disinfo agent is me and more importantly…Gold’s heading to $1,000,000,000/oz.

    • jeff

      I have a Zimbabwe $100 Trillion bill. Couldn’t purchase a little gold dust with it.

    • Johnny Fever

      Why don’t you look at how many marks it took to buy one oz of gold in the Weimar Republic before you open your mouth .. so who is full of disinfo

    • Angel

      @ mickey:

      Something just dawned on me. John Williams and Jim Willie share the same initials. Considering “Jim Willie” isn’t his real name, do you think he could actually be John Williams?

    • Ed_B

      You have to consider the context of this statement. It is a fact that in 1921 in Germany, a US silver dollar was worth MORE than a billion marks… and that’s only 3/4 of an oz. of silver. What John is saying is that when a currency dies from hyper-inflation, it becomes not merely worth less but absolutely worthless. At this stage, NO amount of a dead currency that no one wants can be traded for REAL money, whether gold or silver. Even today with Zimbabwe currency somewhat of a collectors item, one can still buy a hell of a lot of it for ONE oz. of silver… enough, in fact, to become a quadrillionaire… which is a billionaire a million times over! So, yes, an oz. of gold could easily be worth a billion dollars when those dollars have almost no value at all.

  • C.I.

    What A Load Of Tos!

  • Long John Silver

    With his track record, We’ll be hearing the same thing again in 2020..

    I have no doubt that bad times are ahead of us, but let’s quit the timing crap. John Williams said we would have massive inflation by April of 2014.. When you keep hearing the same crap repeated, you don’t bother listening anymore.. I’ve prepared for the collapse, that is all I could do..

  • Gold Flake

    So my gold will be worth $10,000 or $100,000 an oz. Then what? I’m going to scratch off a corner of a bar or part of a coin to buy a loaf of bread? Or how about sell it to someone in exchange for what? Yuan? Rubles? Dinar? Euros?

    Trust me, if the market really breaks down we all fucked. I’m a metals believer but they’ve screwed things so bad there will not be a place to hide. This will be a breakdown of society. It’s all manufactured at this point to keep it going no matter what. This is the last go of it. Derivatives (paper on top of paper on top of paper) is what will bring this thing down. Either on purpose (when they are ready) or by something out of the blue, but once it starts the whole thing is coming down.

  • petedivine

    I think John Williams uses statistical information and then infers the future based on logical deductions. The government has successfully postponed a financial event so far. Hyperinflation is not caused by inflation. It is caused by lack of faith in the currency. I think there are several hyper-inflationary swans circling right now. The U.S. defaults on gold commitments with Germany, U.S. vs. Russia for control of European Energy, U.S. vs. China for control of South China sea, 60 trillion of excessive U.S. debt needs to be serviced, China housing contagion, U.S. housing bubble, rampant financial fraud, U.S. geopolitics in the middle east, U.S. geopolitics in Ukraine, currency wars, Yaun swap agreements, Russia and China energy deal, BRICS development Bank, gold trade settlement, etc. Things are heating up and any one of them could end the Dollar’s parade. When Paul Volker called for a new Breton Woods accord that was the fat lady starting her final performance. You don’t call for a new currency accord unless the Dollar’s days are numbered. Once we lose “reserve” currency status we become a third world nation with several devaluations that will destroy savings and debt almost overnight.

    Paul Volker calls for Breton Woods

  • Tom Aumeg

    John Williams has a long, credible history. Long John, if he said we’d have hyperinflation by April, he was not far off the mark. Inflation is probably running at over 20% right now. That’s an intermediate range of mass-inflation, which can transition to hyperinflation quickly. And if it wasn’t April, it was June. Okay, your claim that giving dates is flawed stands, because he missed. But he didn’t miss by much.

  • Silver86

    We may see some unpleasantly high inflation soon, but no way we’re gonna have hyperinflation… at least not anytime soon. Look, regardless of whatever doomers say, the economy is actually doing quite well and the fed is on track to continue reducing asset purchases, so, no way for hyperinflation. Maybe 20 years down the road.

    • petedivine

      Actually hyperinflation could happen at anytime. It has nothing to do with domestic inflation. Hyperinflation will occur when the world no longer needs our currency to buy real assets such as oil and other necessary commodities. Michael Malloney puts out a series called “End Of USA Dominance – Nails In The Dollar Standard’s Coffin” I suggest you have a look.

      • Silver86

        Well… a lack of confidence could lead to a *currency crisis*, but that’s not going to happen for quite awhile – there really are no options to the dollar right now.

        A hyperinflation isn’t just going to come out of the blue – there will be periods of high inflation, then a panic and a need to print huge amounts of money. The 4 T the fed has monitized so far is a lot of money, but certainly not enough to cause a hyperinflation.

    • Tim

      …the economy is actually doing quite well…

      It is? In the first quarter of this year the economy contracted by 2.9%.

      And hyperinflation results from a loss of confidence.

      • Silver86

        It sure did, but that will be shrugged off. I wouldn’t worry about the US economy for a couple years – people have deleveraged, housing is up (maybe people can start borrowing against their houses again), and manufacturing really is coming back. Actuallly, the US is doing pretty darn good.

    • Ed_B

      Two things. First, the economy is NOT doing all that well. Wall Street is doing well because it has been gorged on a crap-load of cheap money from the Fed. This has INFLATED stock prices to all time highs when the economy is nowhere near an all time high in either production or productivity. Main Street, by and large, is still sucking and has been since 2008. Inflation and unemployment are MUCH higher than the fudged numbers from the Fed and the BLS. Second, the Fed is not tapering. They cut bond purchases here in the US and then use Belgium as a rather thin disguise for buying even more bonds. Their total bond purchases are higher today than when they started tapering. GDP growth in Q1 2014 was +0.1%. This is clearly a contrived positive number that was then revised downwards. Q2 growth was -2.9% when +2.6% was forecast by the Fed. That is a HUGE difference between their theory and the actual fact and it is likely that this will be revised downward even more in the coming couple of months. If Q3 continues this pattern, no amount of artful Fed / BLS dodging will suffice to keep the wool pulled over the sheeple’s eyes.

  • Troy

    But the real question is…will the Sheeple pay a Trillion dollars for a Monster Energy Drink?

    • Steelerdude

      GEEZ ZUS! Troy, might have to split the fricken drink between 6 people in order to afford it…

      Ya Ya ….gold to a zillion dollars….what can you afford then…it boggles the mind…you might have to take a loan out for your weekly groceries! Sad but it could happen….

      So what is the price if gold and silver? will they save us?

      Im also own palladium from the early 2000’s….but if nobody is buying cars or because gas prices are 1,000,000,000.00 for a gallon…who’s driving?

      Yup…it only spells doom and gloom…not even gold and silver would be able to keep up with this hellish scenario…

      • petedivine

        During the Wiemar Republic’s hyper-inflationary collapse 98% of the common wage earners wealth went to purchasing food. The real question is whether there will be a viable alternative currency. In South America people from Argentina, Venezuela, and other countries use Dollars as their vehicle for large purchases and savings. The local currency is used for small stuff because it can’t keep from devaluing. I’m less concerned about the currency then I am about the availability of cheap oil. A Dollar collapse might mean the oil stops flowing to the U.S. If that happens then food shipments stop. Today’s just in time shipments of foodstuff from places like Mexico and California means that we are very dependent on cheap fuel to keep the grocery store shelves stocked.

        • Beligerant

          I wouldn’t exactly call today’s price of $3.79 / gallon cheap fuel. The problem is if it goes to $5 or $6 then Houston We Have Very Serious Problem. If it goes to $8 or $10 then all bets are off.

          • Sam

            Inflation is already here with gas prices rising as they are, food soaring, and medical premiums just insanely doubling in cost…when hyperinflation hits as people lose confidence in the non federal non reserve note value…just be glad at that time that you listened tor Williams and others and are prepared when the flood gates are opened…8-/

  • C.I.

    All Well And good Discussions Above. All Of Them Happy Chat And Pat On The Back.

    All That Is Not Doing Anything To Get People Motivated Enough To Actually Sort The Problem.

    USA Is……..Yesterday

    • petedivine

      We may not have the time or the opportunity to save the nation. However, we do have the time and hopefully the capability to shield our families from the worst of what appears to be approaching.

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