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America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel

from Washington’s Blog:

The U.S. Is the Only Country Which Supports Israel No Matter What It Does

Americans – living in a huge country which has never really been invaded, and as the sole superpower – are famous for being out-of-touch with how the rest of the world thinks.

So my fellow Americans will probably be surprised to learn that the U.S. is more or less the only country in the world which has a favorable view of Israel.

Specifically, a 2012 BBC poll found that the U.S. and Nigeria were the only countries of those polled in which the majority of people had favorable views of Israel:

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23 comments to America Is the Only Country with a Favorable View of Israel

  • Gnostic

    America may also be the 2nd most brainwashed nation next to Israel & the only nation to have their police trained by the sadistic psychopaths of the IDF.

    It’s no wonder the police in the US are brutalizing old ladies, pregnant womwn, molesting people at the airports & arresting kids selling lemonade.

    good news more & more of Israel’s lies & propaganda is falling apart rapidly.

  • Gnostic


    It brings no pleasure for me to bring forth these truths, It is a spiritual battle my friend.

    Thanks for suiting up!

    God Bless…..

  • Hannon

    I wonder if these polls are cooked? Most people in my personal sphere used to support Israel, but now that we have access to real media and information all most all of them don’t. The only ones that do, are the idiot fox news republicans that still use the tin foil hat phrase when you try to mention that the federal reserve is privately owned, and those number are shrinking.

  • Michael

    There are 65 to 70 million Christians in the US that support Israel. The old testament, or what Bill Maher calls the book of Jewish fairy tales, is the basis. I have friends who think this way and there is nothing on earth that can change them. And yes Hannon most are Fox news republicans. The bad news is millions want to meet there maker as soon as possible.

  • Scott Wolf

    This whole thing is comical.

    Palestine is and always will be a terrorist state.It will always call for the extermination of the Jews,regardless of any established boundaries.It will always incite violence in Muslims.It will always remain rooted in the dark ages.And it will always lose.

    I guess the Palestinian people should be careful what they wish for when supporting Hamas and Hezbollah because they just might get it.These serfs wouldn’t know what to do without these tribal conflagrations waged in the glory of their hateful God.Their very culture thrives on it and they ween their kids on it.

    With only a $2,000 year median income(I guess this is also Israel’s fault),it’s not hard to see that the average Palestinian doesn’t even work-at least not in a Western sense.His sole motivation for living is to hate.

    What reasonably intelligent person could possibly think that Palestine could ever be a functioning country with all the modern day problems of vibrant and cosmopolitan societies?Case in point: When Gaza was given to the Palestinians there were 30,000 greenhouses which could have been used for food.Instead,they were scrapped to make weapons!Country,no country,it matters not.These people hate and will always hate.

    • Eric

      Yeah they could never be a functioning country.

    • Gnostic


      “They could never be a functioning country:. That’s not for you to decide. As far as how much money they earn compare that to the Marxist State of Israel’s US Welfare Plan.

      Your comments reveal an arrogant Supremacist SOB.

      PS- If the British attempted to impose their will on The colonies would that make the George Washington a terrorist? One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot, depends on who is reporting the news. In this case it is Jewish Zionist owned Main stream Media, Hollywood & Academia.

      • Scott Wolf

        No,my views represent a realistic point of view based on an obvious pattern of behavior.Hell,let Palestine have it all,I really don’t care,but watch what it doesn’t become-a free,prosperous,welcoming state.

        I’m always amused by people like yourself who enjoy freedom of speech and separation of church and state, which allows for websites like this to disseminate the truth as well as your right( A RIGHT WHICH I WOULD PROTECT WITH MY LIFE) to slam Israel,and yet you’ll side with an ideology dedicated to your destruction and the abrogation of the aforementioned privileges provided to you by the West.Look at Paris the last few days.Why can’t pro-Palestinian supporters ever peacfully assemble?No-it always degenerates into violence and anti-Semitic behavior,so much so that protests are now prohibited in Paris.Why must we continually tolerate this behavior?

        “The Islamic world is sick. It would be shortsighted to deny that the cause of this sickness is Islam. Almost every crime, every abuse and inhumanity perpetrated by Muslims is inspired by examples set by Muhammad and justified through his words and deeds. This is the inconvenient truth that sadly, so many would rather not talk about.”-Ali Sina

        Face it,my man, a pathological,generational contempt for Jews in Palestinian culture will never be extinguished.Sad.

        Palestine’s propensity for war and its worship of death are undeniable. I respect your views and despise all loss of life in any war;however, you cannot simply dismiss Palestine’s aggression every time yet another skirmish breaks out,especially when too many of them live to exterminate the Jews,and love to tell us how much.But I guess I’m racist.So be it.

        • Gnostic


          Face it,my man, a pathological,generational contempt for Jews in Palestinian culture will never be extinguished.Sad.


    • Gnostic


      I will never forget Rachel…… Angel from God.

      And for those who call me an anti-Semite or hater Rachel was Jewish but she did not follow Jewish Talmudic doctrine calling for killing & hatred & enslavement for all non-Jews.

      • Eric

        Indeed she was Gnostic.

        The most widely spoken Semitic languages today are (numbers given are for native speakers only) Arabic (300 million),[2] Amharic (21.8 million),[3] Hebrew (7 million),[4][5][6] Tigrinya (6.7 million),[7] and Aramaic (550,000).

        Stupid Americans don’t even know what the words of their native language mean!

        They don’t KNOW anything!!! God it’s like walking around in the Twilight Zone all the freakin time!

      • Dissolution

        Thank you for sharing that video. Hadn’t seen it. Nearly cried. Would have if I weren’t in public.

  • Michael

    Scott They were a functioning country.

    • Scott Wolf

      So if Palestine were to ever be recognized as a sovereign nation,its venom for Jews would magically vaporize?Oh ok,why didn’t you just say so in the first place?

      Gee, I wonder who would be the primary target of this new nation?

  • NaySayer

    Palestine is a ghetto just like the polish ghetto the nazis forced the jewish people into during WWII. I think it is very sad that the Isrealis are becoming the very thing they hate, fascist killers.

    Isreal has the right to defend itself like any other country but they are committing genocide now and they need to stop before they PERMANENTLY damage their reputation among people who previously did not have a problem with them.

    There are enough “jew haters” and committing these war crimes is just whipping them up into a bigger frency of hysteria while making it harder for rational people to refute their inflated claims of jewish people as “satan”.

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