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Almost Half of the United States is Now Experiencing Drought

by Chris Carrington, Activist Post:

We hear much about the drought conditions that continue to affect California, but that’s not the only state that’s suffering from an ongoing lack of rain. Almost half the states in the country are experiencing drought conditions, and dust storms akin to those in the 1930s are becoming a more frequent occurrence in some areas.

Oklahoma is baked dry. In the course of the most arid years, each acre of farmland can lose up to 70 tons of soil and then, wherever the dust is dumped, it can smother the crops it lands on.

In the Oklahoma Panhandle, the most remote area of the state, recent rainfall has been so meagre that fears have been kindled of a return to the apocalyptic “Dust Bowl” scenes of the 1930s. Back then, agriculture collapsed and thousands of people left.

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1 comment to Almost Half of the United States is Now Experiencing Drought

  • Steelerdude

    As I was telling my wife, if they can pipe oil across alaska, they can pipe water to the drought areas….so there you have it

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