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from The Burning Platform:

The reasons for the collapse are vague, but they involve a war in the Holy Land (fitting this week) in which the U.S. is drawn into. Evidently nuclear bombs destroy Washington DC and Los Angeles. The supply chain breaks down rapidly. The city dwellers die off rapidly. Only those smart enough to get out into rural areas survive. All levels of government collapse. The country breaks up into pieces, with a southern white republic, a southern black republic, and the remnants of the Federal government centered around the Great Lakes. The story is compelling and believable. It helps you understand the fragility of our existing economic, political and commercial structure. The dialogue below between two of the more successful characters in the novel captures the essence of our future versus the present:

“In the old times, at the airline, I had a lot of employees. But they got good wages, benefits. The corporate structure took care of it all. Now, it’s gotten all personal. There’s no human resources office doing payroll. I’m basically cash poor.

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