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17 Facts That Prove That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Down The Drain

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Do you wish that you had a better job? If so, you are not alone. In fact, there are millions upon millions of Americans that get up every day and go to a job that they wish that they could afford to quit. Unfortunately, most Americans end up just desperately holding on to the jobs that they have because just about any job is valuable in this economic environment. Over the past decade, the long-term trends that are destroying jobs in America have accelerated. We have seen countless numbers of jobs shipped overseas, we have seen countless numbers of jobs replaced by technology, we have seen countless numbers of jobs taken by immigrants and we have seen countless numbers of jobs lost to the overall decline of the once great U.S. economy. Unfortunately, even though we can all see this happening, our “leaders” have failed to come up with any solutions. And since there are so many of us that are desperate for jobs these days, employers know that they don’t have to pay as much. The balance of supply and demand in the employment marketplace has radically shifted in their favor. So less workers are getting health insurance these days, less workers are getting retirement plans and once you adjust for inflation our paychecks have been getting smaller for years. Needless to say, all of this is absolutely eviscerating the middle class. The following are 17 facts that prove that the quality of jobs in America is going down the drain…

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2 comments to 17 Facts That Prove That The Quality Of Jobs In America Is Going Down The Drain

  • karma Respect

    It is called Corporate-ism. Companies buy out successful middle class industries and corporate incest begins as these corporations then consolidate with other corporations due to an unlimited availability of finance, it called Capital-ism. Logically it ends with one corporation owning all industry, setting the pay and conditions, off shoring, use of robots, part time contracts – sound like commune-ism by another means? Meanwhile social-ism keeps everyone on side and impoverished. Ever wonder why the private Federal Reserve owns something like half of all stocks? Could it be for when the system collapses they own everything of value. The Federal reserve now owns in excess of 40% of all mortgage backed securities by means of counterfeit quantitative printing, could this also be advance preparation for the system collapse and the transfer of all wealth?

    All systems of ism are the tools of the elite, all systems of ism are based on belief and unless they can wake up the sheeple must conform to the ism beliefs.

    Prosperity and freedom only will happen when decisions and actions are free from all faith based ideals. This is freedom lesson number 1 if we are to return to prosperity and full employment. The knowledge that humanity needs to prosper can only happen when we move beyond faith based ideals.

  • rich

    The Disloyal

    I spent all the summers of my late 20′s and early 30′s with Henri, travelling with him, listening to the stories of his life and the stories of a generation of ordinary French men and women that I came, through him, to know, listening to their hopes of a better France, their profound belief in the struggles of their lives. But not long before Henri died he told me, that he had come to see that they had all been lied to. That all they had built had been for others to sell from under them.

    Now my father, is nearing the end of his life and he too has tasted the ashes of his dreams. His was the generation that inherited the things my grandfather and Henri built. And in his own way he too believed he had fought the good fight. He did things in his life that I never knew about till decades later. Things still covered by official secrets. Things he really believed were for the good. Good people, he believed, with good intent had asked him to do things which he had willingly done. But now he looks at what it has all amounted to and is angry. Angry at the stupidity, greed and arrogance.

    Who betrayed their dreams and hopes? Of course in the final analysis the answer is us. But who helped us, helped us understand that our parents’ dreams were more ‘valuable’, their old age more ‘affordable’, in fact their entire society more ‘efficient’ if it was all sold off, privatised? Who presided over the efficiencies whose benefits we are now enjoying?

    By what name could we being to know them?

    But who are they who rule over us? It’s all very well calling them Neo-cons, or Thatcherite/Reaganite Free-Market Deregulating Zealots, or even The 1% or The Global Overclass, but these names tell us nothing about the nature of these people. They tell us how much they own or the brand of Fundamentalism they worship.

    When I look at people like Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO) or the billionaire vulture fund boss Paul Singer making sure he gets his pound of profit from the Argentinian people regardless of their need, I am quite sure I do not want any future imagined and presided over by any of the verminous little Ceasars of Wall Street.
    For me these people are The Disloyal, because for all that they have, they have none of the loyalty which made my grandfather , my friend and my father the admirable men they were.

    how true.

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