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You Choose Your Destiny

from visionvictory

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7 comments to You Choose Your Destiny

  • Guest

    “If you don’t like your job, quit.” And then discover the joys of living in poverty and eventually becoming homeless.

  • Ed_B

    Yes we do choose our own destiny or at least a large part of it… so choose wisely. Be aware that failing or refusing to make a choice is in itself also a choice.

  • mangrove

    I won’t be happy until I have a luxury home with a built-in swimming pool and at least a dozen babes to choose from each and every day. It’s a worthy goal. It’s the dream that I’ve always knew could be mine. I’ll get there, and YOU CAN TOO. /infomercial

    Hell no, I’m not happy. I mean, yes I’m happy with my choices given the circumstances, but I’m disgusted with this kind of pie-in-the-sky attitude. Isn’t this a lot like that book “The Secret” which is essentially a new age bullshit philosophy of entitlement?

    I’m probably opening a can of worms with the above… but this kind of “inspirational” video really pisses me off because it’s just so completely out of touch with reality. It’s probably good for the next entrepreneur with eyes on the prize of success in the material world. In fairness to Mr. VisionVictory, I get the same sense of nausea when I hear Mike Maloney and others in the precious metals world talk about what a great OPPORTUNITY lies before us, while the entire social fabric of the world is about to collapse.

    I’ll continue to “be the change” and that is about all I can do in this world of corruption gone amok. And I have made enormous changes and sacrifices over the past ten years, as a result of waking up. Does that make me “happy”? In some ways, sure, but mostly it just changes my entire outlook on what I thought life was all about — that world of make believe that I was conditioned to believe was “normal.” Finding happiness in that world was completely different from finding happiness in this brave new red pill world. I’ll leave it at that…. because I think at least a few of you might understand what I’m getting at. And if you do, that will make me truly happy. If you don’t, too bad so sad.

    • Guest

      “I’m probably opening a can of worms with the above… but this kind of ‘inspirational’ video really pisses me off because it’s just so completely out of touch with reality.”


  • Joe

    I totally get where you’re coming from Mangrove – you’ve made me truly happier by stating your observations precisely as you have – I hope this acknowledgement returns the favor in kind.

  • rico

    I get what the guy is saying and I believe it owes itself to the fact that most people on this great blue ball have no idea of how amazing they truly are, nor what they are truly capable of. The entire system is a rigged system of slavery to time and space, fake money, consumerism, etc…Sadly, it is all we allow ourselves and most continue to bow down and lick the feet of those who enslave them. How is it that 9 families can control over 95% of the wealth in this world…all of whom are bankers who fund wars and take a piece of every piece of FIAT Currency that is printed. Hey America, wake the fuck up and learn that your purchasing power is reduced each and every day by the Douchebags at the Federal Reserve and those on Wall Street. Do something for others with your life and you will be doing something for yourself. Peace!

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