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Will Bildeberg End Privacy As We Know It?

by Mikael Thalen, Story Leak:

The presence of several key figures at the 2014 Bildeberg Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark indicates that the future of privacy worldwide is in dire straights.

According to the Bildeberg Group’s official press release, members discussed several key topics this weekend while also asking the question, “Does privacy exist?” Given the fact that the architects of the modern surveillance state were among the attendees, the real question is, will Bildeberg end privacy as we know it?

Keith Alexander, know for his motto “Collect it All,” is arguably the most brazen director to reside over the National Security Agency. Overseeing some of the agency’s most controversial domestic spying programs, Alexander’s total disregard for the Fourth Amendment has been bemoaned by countless people within the intelligence community.

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  • rich

    “Collect it All,”…and they do.

    The KKR Capstone Scam: A Picture Worth 10,000 Words
    Posted on June 2, 2014 by Yves Smith

    We’ve reported extensively on a story that the Wall Street Journal broke two weeks ago, which is that the private equity kingpin KKR looks to be cheating the limited partners in its funds by not sharing fees charged to portfolio companies by its in-house consulting firm, KKR Capstone. This is a serious charge because if the critics are right, KKR is embezzling. Moreover, this case also shows the degree to which private equity investors, who have negotiated to have the overall fees they pay reduced via rebates against the management fee, are having their intentions vitiated either via grifting or extremely sneaky maneuvers that they can’t readily detect or police.

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