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Why Are Americans So Apathetic?

by James Corbett, corbettreport:

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2 comments to Why Are Americans So Apathetic?

  • Scott

    Here’s why I’m apathetic (no interest, no enthusiasm, no concern). Because this society is going down the shitter and there is nothing the common man can do about it!

    I own 6 rental apartments in a building of 60 total apartments and that’s what I live on now since I’ve been out of work for 5 years now, mostly by choice. I’m 55 years old and have awoken to the Matrix and opt out. I’m sick of the lies, manipulations and control. These units are 1bedroom, 1 bathroom, with full kitchen units that I rent for $550 per month. Tenants pay all utilities, etc. Some of the other apartment owners accept Government Section 8 vouchers from their tenants for the rent payment. I’m not hear to fucking discuss the pros and cons of that fucking program but it breeds USELESS FUCKS in my opinion. I’m always working on my units to maintain them and provide decent clean living to my tenants (who are at work) while the Section 8 crowd is home with the stereo’s vibrating the walls, smoking cigarettes, or weed, drinking Red Bull, or Budweiser, using IPhones and all have flat screen TV’s!! It’s truly like living in an Alcatraz cell block! Black and white people alike. It’s pathetic. WTF have we allowed the politicians to bred as a nation. America was once a dream….that dream is becoming a nightmare. It’s no wonder so many intelligent people among us just zone out and become apathetic to it all. It’s pointless.

  • rich

    The Peril of Whistleblowing on Wall St.

    The article, through the personal stories of its protagonists, reveals big banks who muster their considerable power in the cause of self-protection—making the risk of finding and reporting wrongdoing so high.

    It’s a strange dichotomy, Bernstein says, because “these banks all have systems in place where they’re supposed to catch all this.” And “it’s all supposed to be—at least within the bank—transparent, but all that seems to get subverted again and again.”

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