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US Dollar Under Grave Threat: Russia Plans Global Retaliation For Ukraine

by Michael Thomas, Story Leak:

US/EU Misadventure In The Ukraine Has Triggered Economic/Financial Word War III

With the CIA-coordinated coup d’état executed in Kiev came the very real prospect of a World War III. However, the much greater war is not being waged on the urban battlefields of Eastern Ukraine or on the Russian border; rather, it is being waged in the national economies and by the world’s largest central and commercial banks, transnational corporations and market exchanges. What is at stake is the very future and viability of the US Petrodollar as the reserve currency of the planet.

Apparently the US-UK-EU Axis planned this entire misguided venture in the Ukraine with the expectation that Russia would just go with the flow. They also misjudged the degree to which the rest of the world would respond to the Anglo-American sponsored aggression in the Ukraine. This gross error in judgement has not only seen the Crimea annexed by Russia, it has also triggered a backlash which now seriously threatens the US dollar.

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