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by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Hyperinflation (i.e. the U.S. dollar going to zero) is not a “possibility” for the U.S. economy. Rather, it is an absolute certainty. Indeed, as was clearly demonstrated in a previous commentary, the U.S. dollar is already worthless, based upon three, distinct analyses of the dollar’s fundamentals.

This future destiny of the dollar is also graphically depicted, in one of the Federal Reserve’s own charts:

The mere shape and magnitude of this extreme, exponential function is a classic/obvious representation of a hyperinflation-in-progress. Any exponential function this extreme is a mathematical definition of the phrase “out of control”. Not only can this money-printing never be undone, there is no way to reverse/alter the consequence: hyperinflation.

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5 comments to U.S. HYPERINFLATION WARNING — Part I

  • John

    Good article, but painful to read. Jeff, you need to take a course in punctuation 101. All the mis-placed commas, needless semi-colons, endless parenthesis, and slashes and dashes make your articles very annoying to get through. Just a suggestion, maybe hire a proof reader!

  • Silver86

    Sigh… no we not gonna have hyperinflation. We may get a period of high inflation, but there is absolutely nothing remotely resembling the signs of even high inflation in the US right now.

    • John

      High inflation and Hyperinflation are not really related. Most people falsely believe we ramp from benign prices, to higher prices, to yet even higher prices, and then boom: hyperinflation. Not so. Paradoxically, it is deflation and hyperinflation that are very closely related. It is the Federayl Reserve, in it’s supreme arrogance in fighting a natural deflationary environment, prints money to the moon for which will utimately sow the seeds of an impending hyperinflationary event. The best analogy I can muster is this…Imagine our economy is a fire/flame and the fire is dwindling so the Fed prints, or adds gasoline to the fire, but it does so by setting a can of gasoline by the fire. Nothing happens. (No money velocity) The fire dwindles more, the Fed prints, decides to bring 10 cans of gasoline and sets it by the fire. Again, nothing happens, and now the fire is really beginning to fade so the Fed brings in 100 big barrels of gasoline and sets it by the fire to get it going. Nothing happens, deflation is digging in and the fight continues. You see where this is going. Eventually, a spark jumps from a flame and lands on a gasoline can and boom. It is that quick, from deflation to hyperinflation, and that point when everyone realizes at once their purchasing power derived from the U.S. dollar is becoming worth less and less and eventually worthless.

  • The Truth

    Another good one by Jeff. I have no problem following along with what Jeff writes. It is not about being grammatically correct, it is about telling the truth. To me Jeff writes so even a 4yr old can understand. I guess if you been reading his work you get used to it.

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