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Trey Gowdy Eviscerates IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Over “Lost” Lois Lerner e-mails

from C-Span, via Valerie venraij:

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9 comments to Trey Gowdy Eviscerates IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Over “Lost” Lois Lerner e-mails

  • rico

    How can anyone view this man’s “testimony” (e.g. obfuscation of the truth) and not come away with the fact that the IRS is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, whose sole purposes involve stealing the wealth of the American people, normally through intimidation and scare tactics and acting as a COLLECTION BULLY to recoup the interest paid on COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY (Federal Reserve Notes) from the Federal Reserve bank and IMF? What a complete DRIVEL SPEWING CHARLATAN.

  • Rob

    Now thats news I like to see.
    Great job Mr Gowdy,I tip my hat to you.Now….
    Convict all these slimy parasites and call on the Department of justice (ha ha) to do its job finally.. and Take back this country from the Cult of Criminality that is so entenched throughout the house ,the senate and all the way to the top,then the criminal banking cartels and their offspring.

  • Rob

    The hypocracy and arrogance of these people is beyond comprehension…almost.
    Its so in your face its, really, eventually going to piss off the very wrong people.Patience my ass. Time is running out for everybody as they rape ,pillage and plunder every country and every living and non living thing on the entire planet and beyond..

  • johns

    “Times’ up” ???????


    If this Rep had a little more “time”, he would have gotten this crony to say something that would blow this pile of shit wide open.
    Makes me wonder if they really want to find the truth.

  • Ed_B

    Way to go Trey! Rip ’em a new one and collect every “smidgen” of corruption that gushes forth. Man, would I ever like to see this guy as a special prosecutor tasked with investigating every one of the SOBs in the current regime and then prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law. These ass-clowns so need to do some heavy duty jail time and Trey Gowdy is JUST the man to see it done. Well done, sir!

  • Slipstitchpass

    Does the IRS really not back up their e-mails on a server? Is that possible? Maybe it is me but this seems like a dog and pony show to me. 13 years post 9/11 and I am more confused than ever.

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t call that Evisceration at all. Very mild, controlled scripted attack. Gowdy repeatedly reinforced that “We will never know”, “Emails are gone forever”. All his other attacks were ambiguous. Just one creature of government protecting their own. There is no reason why the congress cant sopena the NSA for all the emails/records. The NSA is the best archiving service out there and it’s FREE! The fact remains the “one” party is not interested in getting to the truth simply putting on a good show. This IRS stuff is over….Move along folks nothing to see here! Gowdy is just another progressive collectivist.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Suppose the IRS has finally turned their all seeing eye in the direction of the people who are challenging their authority? Ever thought of that slant? No one in Congress cared when they pilfered us, and we knew we didn’t owe taxes and they weren’t stopped.
    Suppose they realized they were supposed to target Federal employees and not the rest of us, and now there are committees trying to discredit them over some exempt organization?
    We know we will never know the truth for the sake of national security. Everything they show us is not the entire story. This is a group that has hidden all things like the missing plane, the embassy attack, the conflict in the Middle East, and we think some show of force with the IRS is revealing the true picture from people who insider trade and have unlimited credit and don’t pay taxes for the wealth they have obtained?
    I’m embarrassed reading some of the comments because I know that many ‘really’ don’t know what the ‘real’ truth is.
    They believe what is shown to them and we all know what we are shown is never the truth; not then, and not now.
    I will not respond to anyone who objects to this opinion, just as I didn’t target any opinion just the general consensus that someone has revealed an unknown when they are attacking the organization for a reason, and we’ll never know what that reason is.
    Congress protects Congress, lobbyists, Wall Street, bank CEOs, and anyone that will give them money for nothing.
    When they begin to protect the American people, I’ll take notice.

  • Eric B

    Trey for Prez 2016 maybe we can still save the USA!

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