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The Shocking Secret The U.S. Fed Is Hiding From The World

from King World News:

Eric King: “There has been a movement in Germany for quite some time to get the German gold stored at the US Fed sent back to Germany. At this point it certainly appears that the Fed does not want to send the gold back to Germany. After all the promises, the Fed has only sent a paltry 5 tons of gold back to Germany at this point.”

Powell: “Yes, that’s correct. But there was a Bloomberg story this week which was pure propaganda. Bloomberg put out this piece claiming that the German government is perfectly happy with its gold being stored in the United Sates, and also that the German gold repatriation movement in Germany is dead….

“But there were really no facts in the story to back up that claim. The story did not say that any more gold had been recovered by the Bundesbank, nor did it state that the Bundesbank had changed its plan to repatriate a portion of its gold back from the Fed.

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  • Sam

    I am glad the bit of pure propaganda about the German gold was addressed intelligently. Since the dotgov has legalized bullshitting for a living, as if they were not before, one must question EVERYTHING released, especially coming thru by the way of The Borg! ! !

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