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The Shadows of Reality

by PureTheorty, via

Imagine a cave in which people have lived their entire lives, facing away from the mouth of the cave with chains forcing them to look only at a blank wall. In actuality, they’re looking at the shadows that move across the wall, cast by objects and people that pass before a fire that burns outside the cave. It is these shadows that the chained people call ‘reality.’

~Allegory of the Cave

This is the allegory used by Plato narrating the way in which Socrates explained how we are being controlled by illusions cast over us by the powers that be. However, the allegory also explains that there are people whose minds have been freed from the cave, and see the shadows as an illusionary truth: weak and distorted images of the reality that exists outside the cave. Soon enough, Socrates was tried and executed for ‘corrupting the minds of the youth,’ or in doublespeak, for starting a mass awakening among those that ‘they’ are threatened by, otherwise known as any and everyone.

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4 comments to The Shadows of Reality

  • Scott

    Good article and makes perfect sense. Here’s the problem, many of us are still way too comfortable to be restless enough to fight. Yes, I may be a caged animal that’s controlled, exploited, and robbed (taxes) every year of my life but my daily life still includes Starbucks coffee in the morning, lunch with friends in the afternoon, and Happy Hour each evening. Rinse and repeat. Only when the masses are starving will the fighting begin.

  • roger

    …forgot free porn, weed, and soaps-reality TV for the women – so we all blank right out!

    oh, and the men really studying all the facts – about sports teams – instead of on your boss, the government. So u r dumbed down useless sheeple?

    But hey, enjoy happy hour with drugs (alcohol is a drug, duh)—it won’t be here long as the world nears big changes. Sad to see this society dissolve into a cynical, victim oriented one where feelings trump truth.


    @ Rory, can you please contact me. I sent 2 emails,no avail? Have some questions about PBM (Dale Olmstead).

  • rich

    a reality….

    Secrecy in Pensions Triggers Legislative Brawl in North Carolina

    A legislative fight between North Carolina Treasurer Janet Cowell and a state employee association is signaling growing tension over disclosure practices as public pensions seek to improve returns with alternative investments.

    Cowell, a 45-year-old Democrat, opposed a bill by the State Employees Association of North Carolina to require more disclosure about deals with Wall Street firms hired to manage alternatives to stocks and bonds for the $87 billion pension she controls. Cowell warned that giving out more information would cost more than $1.8 billion for violating secrecy agreements, and instead supported a bill that would conceal details for five years after a contract is completed.
    Secrecy Agreements

    Since 2001 states have increased allocations to alternatives to $460 billion, or 15.3 percent, from $66 billion, or 3.3 percent in 2001, according to the National Association of State Retirement Administrators.

    Most private-equity and hedge-fund investments come with agreements that prevent pensions from disclosing certain information, including details on fees, investment strategy and other “trade secrets.”

    how are you a fiduciary if you would even allow this?

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