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The Police State we’ve all feared but never thought would happen in America is already here

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

Everyone these days is talking about the United States of America “becoming a police state,” but it’s already happened. In this new era of  supposed “tolerance and understanding,” an individual can now be either fined, jailed or publicly ostracized  for pursuing their right to free speech, or even their private thoughts, or personal beliefs. If you make a stupid movie that “offends” someone in a country 5000 miles away (or a certain religion, not Christianity though), you can be thrown in jail and never heard from again. If you have a telephone conversation where you express your private beliefs about race, you can be publicly vilified, fined (not by a civil authority), banned from attending a basketball game and even FORCED to sell your private property. All this can be and has already been done without even involving the local civil authorities. Just rat somebody out that you don’t like and sit back and watch the fireworks.

We have all been watching as several federal agencies have recently solicited for millions of rounds of ammunition and automatic weapons. Just a few short weeks ago, on the Bundy ranch we saw the Bureau of Land Management assault Mr. Bundy and his property (his cattle) with several assault weapons, sniper rifles, body armor and other military style gear. We have also learned that other federal agencies, like the USDA have recently made applications for sub-machine guns. The IRS has also petitioned for automatic weapons and ammunition. Now in the past, we have seen only a small number of federal agencies allowed to possess and carry firearms.

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