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THE NWO MATRIX: Skynet, CIA Heroin & Death of Money

This is PART 2 of my recent interview with Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada. In the second half of our one hour interview we discuss the Bankster’s NWO total control matrix of evil. We cover the Pentagon’s plans for AI autonomous robots and Skynet, the new OPIUM WAR against the citizens of the United States, Russia’s new 9/11 revelations, and whether establishment mouthpiece Jim Rickards is merely giving people fair warning about the ‘Death of Money’, or serving masters with a more sinister agenda. Thanks for tuning in and offering your thoughts in the comments below.

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47 comments to THE NWO MATRIX: Skynet, CIA Heroin & Death of Money

  • The Truth

    Thanks for posting this again SGT. Sean I need you all to see the history of the paper fraud in gold going back to the demonic Rothschild family in this video at apx 23:06. Here is the link The documented part of the video shows:



    “The History and Mystery of the Bank of England, of the debts, of the stocks, of the sinking fund, and of all other tricks and contrivances, carried on by the means of paper money”.

    This goes to show the onging fraud that was created back in the 1800’s by this demonic bloodline to swindle the people out of their wealth.

    • SGT

      Thx for the link T, we’ll post this.

      • The Truth

        No problem! I just want you to know that the only reason Jim Rickards speak about gold going to 7000 is because he needs credibility for when this whole thing goes down to say he was one that called it. Then he will come out with another book. You got ticks on the left and vamps on the right with the shills in the middle, and at the end another book deal.

  • mark s mann

    I am old enough to remember the tail end of the cold war very well. What’s really upsetting me right now is the constant provocation and harassment of Russia and China and their allies (Syria & Iran) by the criminals in our government. Going by the Lamestream media headlines, everyday is a new threat from the Neocons and / or Obama and his ship of fools, or a new escalation, or a new breach or encroachment into their territory, or an attempt at some sort of destabilization of a country or economy. War ships and war planes playing games with each other, currency wars, troop build ups,… it all feels like cold war tensions being brought back to life again.
    It would be easy for something minor to spiral out of control if things continue on this path.

    Most Americans are so deaf, dumb and blind, the rest of the world is not going to have any tears for when this country either gets nuked, or falls apart into a steaming heap of shit for a variety of possible scenarios, most of which would be self-induced.

    All this because of the work of a very small group of criminal scum. I would gladly give my life to end theirs. These people are the greatest threat to humanity in history as we know it.

    However …..there was one small victory today as I see it….there was one mainstream news headline that did make me smile today, and I hope to see more “knives in the back” in the near future:

    I love it!

  • glitter 1

    Thumbs up to Team SGT from the night shift!

  • Abby

    Great Interview as always. I really enjoyed the key points here relating to “false witness.” One of my big lessons since I have been on this journey with you guys is to fine tune my discernment. I am getting better at it as the years go by. On Rickards I agree 100%. I stopped following him over a year ago. Cannot remember the exact article but it followed the MO. 75% truth and 25% the BS they want rammed down your throat. It is kinda like grocery shopping. At a glance the tomatoes all look shiny and cool, on closer inspection with a trained eye you can see which ones are slightly “off.” If anything the good thing that will come out of this historical time is that more and more people will fine tune their ears and their eyes to falsehood. And hopefully less and less will get away with it. And there will be more of a defining line between fiction and non fiction, as things stand today many cannot tell the difference. I think the boom in advertising in the last century has a lot to do with that. The other issue here is the Opium. I was so shocked when I discovered that one of the main reasons the US is in Afghanistan is for a $100 billion a year Opium industry shipped out of NATO bases. This by a country that has a er hem…. cough cough cough… “war on drugs?” And that the Taliban are the “enemy” because they destroyed the Opium fields. US veterans are maligned and neglected for sacrificing their lives for a fake war in order to set up and protect one of the biggest drug industries this world has ever seen. It is a “war for drugs!”

  • john

    Great interview.I think Jeff rates alongside Gerald Celente,who I think is one of the smartest,most genuine guys out there.I look for Jeff’s articles every day.Keep up the good work.

  • Gary

    Great interview.

    BTW, before the British and the Americans (a Roosevelt relative did this) destroyed the Chinese by selling them opium, the Americans destroyed the red mans’ culture with alcohol. That’s the precedent.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Jacobson

      Is there anything in the world that americans didn’t destroyed ?

    • petedivine

      Its rather ironic that the U.S. culture is being badly demoralized by narcotics, prescription anti-depressant drugs, and alcohol abuse. I for one blame the Scottish for my downfall. So no…its not just America running amok. 😉

      • Jacobson

        You right ,
        It’s the anglo-american empire and european white race .
        You just feel the pain now but 2/3 of the world is suffering since the psychopaths from Europe decided to enslave the whole world .

        • Gnostic


          The Jews control the Anglo-American empire as well as Saudi Arabia possibly even china, nothing new under Solomon’s sun, they have been in control for thousands of years, despite all the false history, they are not Israelites have no connection to Abraham & are satanic race, I believe however they will fail & e in history will have no diaspora as this Turk mongrel people will be cast into a lake of fire, the real holocaust of these people. Karma

  • Dissolution

    Just my imagination running on this one, but consider: Rickards says the collapse could be triggered by a prominent suicide. With the very long list of impeachable offenses committed by King Barry, you now have the heated escalation of the VA scandal and the Taliban prisoner exchange, to boot. He is being criticized from all angles. You even have people like Feinstein coming out against him, and Hillary is actively distancing herself as well. According to the AP, the White House has even officially apologized. Barry will continue to take heat.

    It is perplexing what he was thinking, and all signs point to nefarious activity. Suppose it was intentional, scripted. Meant to bring the heat. Meant to publicly dishearten Barry. Barry bites the bullet (hooray!?). Rickards collapse ensues. Under extenuating circumstances, free elections are bypassed. We get the martial law. Maybe you see the likes of Hillary take the throne. Who knows. But with Rickards call, and Barry’s perplexing decisions and the raging criticism against him from the usual allies, one has to wonder.

  • E.

    Rickards sells the SDR. Thanks very much for your website.

  • Gnostic

    Wanted to scoop Know Too Much

    Wayne Madsen has written about the Jewish connections to Saudi Arabia.
    The Turkish Ottoman Empire, which included key parts of Saudi Arabia, had lots of crypto-Jews (Jews pretending to be Moslems)

    These crypto-Jews (also called Donmeh) have connections to the Saudi royal family and Saudi religion.

    • Jacobson

      I recently read a book about Saudi Arabia ,
      Ibn Saud was against the creation of Israel (documented in a letter he sent to the brits)
      and in mid 30’s signed an agreement with Iraq of cooperation against the jews in the land of Israel .

      The “Saudi religion” is actually a movement , a sect in islam called “Wahhabia” supported the palestinians with their efforts against Israel many times .

      Saudi Arabia is an islamic state that follows the shri’a law .

      The creation of Saudi Arabia by Ibn Saud is a development of a tribal expand from the centre of the Saudi Arabia (Najd) and how Ibn Saud vanquished the economic crisis of the 30’s which brought other tribes to cooperate under his rule .
      Ibn Saud was the first arab leader who wasn’t controlled by the west .

      In the early 30’s “Standard oil of California” founded by ROCKEFELLER started searching oil in Saudi Arabia – some researchers puts in doubt the influence of the company over the regime and region .

      There are two families that claim they are connected to prophet Muhammad :
      – The Hashemites
      – The Saudis
      The first family was supported by the british empire and their enemy was Ibn Saud .
      That’s why today the country of Jordan called “the hashemite kingdom of Jordan” (A monrachy state which 80% of the population are palestinians) .

      A map of Ibn Saud expansion :

      • Gnostic

        Hi Jacobson,

        I am aware there is only so much you can speak about publicly for fear of attack by the Ashkenazi who treat you as a 2nd class citizen, but can you comment on Gilad’s latest article;

        Did the Jews Lose Europe?

        Date Friday, May 30, 2014 at 10:44PM Author Gilad Atzmon

        Here is one segment;

        Rich is also upset by growing European opposition toward Jewish blood rituals such as shchita slaughter and Jewish orthodox circumcision, a horrid unhygienic religious ceremony in which a Rabbi sucks the blood from an infant’s wounded penis (Metzitzah B’Peh). Rich is worried that ‘neo Nazis’ within the European parliaments may scrutinize Jewish religious practices and culture.

        Rich may be correct, this kind of barbaric tribal blood ritual should have been banned ages ago

        • Jacobson

          I’m not a 2nd class citizen .

          I just wonder why non jews are so obsessive with jewish rituals , I guess it is not your business what people do and how they want to live .
          Are you so concenred with paganic rituals of africa tribes as well ?
          Why do you want to ban rituals of others ?
          The european opposition is all about muslims , they make a circumcision as well and they make a “Halal” slaughtry as well .

          And who cares about Europe anyway ?!?!
          I live in the holyland and my family is in here 300 years .
          Europe will go to hell very soon !
          There’s no “English brakefest” tea , there’s only asian tea .
          There’s no “Swiss chocolate” , there’s only african cocoa and black children slaves who work in the sun 18 hours every day so fat white europeans will lick their lips .

          BTW ,
          Atzmon is a pure ASHKENAZI name .
          Gilad Atzmon is a Khazar european !
          And you support crypto-khazar-ashkeNazi jew ???
          Even by looking at his photos you can see he isn’t arab jew and not a semite .

          From Jerusalem ,
          The Arab jew ,
          Ben-Yaakov / Ibn-Yaakob / Jacob-son

          • Jacobson

            There are more than 50 million muslims in Europe ,
            All the european rules against jewish ritulas are aimed to attack the muslims community .

            When Kosher (jewish) slaughter is banned , the Halal (muslim) slaughter is banned as well .
            When jewish circumcision is banned , the muslim circumcision is banned as well .

            50 million muslims compare to 1.5 million jews in Europe .
            Are you so fool to fall the racist euopean lies ?
            The europeans plan the same thing they did to jews in WW2 but the muslims wouldn’t let it happen , they will declare a jihad war and with their faith they will win the rootless people of the poorest continent in the world .

  • Gnostic

    Forgot Link

    PS- Gilad is an amazing musician as well as man of truth & courage.

    • Jacobson

      Gilad Khazar Atzmon just want to lick the european ass ,
      he wants the real jews to leave their faith and tradition and to follow the cruel rootless europeans .
      I guess he is not following any jewish rule and he is one of the fake guys pretend to be christian european .

      It is well known that the holyland pukes out the infidels , he is one of them .

    • Jacobson

      Didn’t we speak about Saudi Arabia ?
      Oh I guess you don’t know anything about history , you just copy links from anti semitic websites .
      “The jews did this”
      “The jews did that”
      “The jews control this”
      “The jews are responsible for that”
      But when it comes to arguing , you flee like a flea .
      You better read some more about Saudi Arabia :
      “The Making of Saudi Arabia:From Chieftaincy to Monarchical State” / Joseph Kostiner

  • Praxis

    Sean on the wire! This close > || < to a mad as hell moment.

    One of my largest gripes in this whole morass is something robbed from everyone who won't commit to screwing someone else and instead want to cooperate and work to acquire their own prosperity in their own dignified way, without any modicum of force. It's Time. Everyone high or low, rich or poor, royal or serf has FINITE time and this system is actively wasting it, stonewalling virtually the entire planet from using it wisely or productively to better themselves. Nothing else makes me angrier than being stiff armed out of potentiality because I am unwilling to cheat, exploit, cajole, conspire and otherwise with only a few degrees of separation, murder.

    Time is always running out. Use it to not just act free but be free through and through with only the force of the one fingered salute and continue to make the deep relationships (beautiful things) with the best peers you can find that will ride the tide to eventually lift everyone out of this crabs in the bucket scenario.
    What bucket? I don't need no stinking bucket.

  • SGT: It was a good rant!

    …but, its so much more than heroin! I believe the proliferation of the sexualization of children and the proliferation of the gay agenda and the bee in your bonnet, heroin and so many other things are directly connected to the destruction of the American Family. That one term “Family” is the strength of the USA. They can’t destroy the USA if we are infused with strong families.

    Keep up the good fight!

    Jeff: I really appreciate all your explanations and opinions. Thank you for your distillation process that keeps us so well informed.

    Thanks one and all!


  • Ericic

    Dang 28 comments already. A lot more than the 3 or 4 there were a few years ago. I listened to this last night. You were on fire Sean. Happy to comment here as much as I do even if not everyone agrees with my comments. But I don’t get upset with the Obamas, Biden, Banksters, Zionists, etc. any longer. They are not the problem. Congress isn’t the problem. The Federal Reserve isn’t even the problem. The PEOPLE are the problem! I get very upset with them. My family, my neighbors, my friends. They are so ignorant and that is the choice they have made. They have allowed themselves to be dumbed down and would rather be entertained than informed. They are mostly children that still need to grow up.

    The PEOPLE however are also the solution! All they need to do is stop supporting the system and start supporting each other. But it’s just too much fun to play with legos and go shopping at Macy’s I guess. :-/ I can’t believe they would rather give their hard earned money to criminals rather than take the responsibility to protect it themselves.

    The sooner this falls apart, the better off we will all be!

  • AgShaman

    Another big-time interview…

    not surprised…this site is best in class

    The “chilling effect” must be fought, or all will be silenced

    • SGT

      Hey guys, thanks for leaving your thoughts here. I agree with Eric that the AMERICAN people are the problem, the “sheeple” will literally stand for anything. There is NO crime the US elite can commit that’s big enough for the sheeple to take much notice, much less be bothered to take any form of action.

      WHY IS THAT? It’s because we have been water, food and big-pharma drugged and dumbed down to the point of being a literal raging idiocracy:

      We’ve been ensnared by cheap poisonous bread, x-rated circuses and Huxley’s soma, which in America today is SPORTS. Take a look at this graphic I saw over at Rense today:

      As I said in the comments below the Part 2 vid on You Tube, I’ve pissed off more sheeple than I can count by trying to wake em up. Friends and family included. Most of them don’t wanna be woken up.

      • Eric

        No they don’t want to be woken up. They are “safe” in their ignorance. Of course the opposite of that is true.

        I like that map but I prefer this one…

        I also like today’s video from Greg Mannarino…

        He is right. 9 out of 10 (although we know it’s much much higher than that) people walking around are just brainless morons who don’t know who they are, why there are here, where they came from or have any sense of purpose. They are just occupying time and space.

        I’ve pissed off my share too. The so called “friends” are not true friends but just colleagues or buddies. They were never there when I needed them to be. They aren’t interested in doing any serious thinking or discussing something of a serious nature that affects all of us. They are BRAINLESS and deserve what they get. Family is just as bad if not worse. No one wants to make money. They all want to WIN money. They don’t care what money is or how it works. I feel bad for the kids, those too young to know, but most of the ones walking around should know better by now. They had MORE than enough time to get informed and figure it all out.

        Perhaps this is a good day to buy some gold and silver. Like taking candy from a baby except the baby is a psychopathic banker.

  • Yankee Doodle

    Sean when I was 13 years old back in 1957, my friends and I would hop on a bus on a Friday night and in ten minutes we would be in NYC. Their on 42nd street I would experience the city in all its fury. We could rub elbows with the rich and the homeless, the prostitutes and drug dealers, the sick people, the poor people, the pitiful people, and all the rest of the people that made up this pot of boiling stew.

    But there was this one guy on forty second street that was there all the time, you couldn’t miss him for he stood out in the crowd like a man with his pants on fire. He looked like a homeless man who hadn’t taken a bath in six months. He had a very large beard and long hair and he wore ragged clothes that had more holes in them than a piece of Swiss cheese. He would walk up and down the street carrying a big sign that read, “The end is near, repent.”

    My friends and I would find this amusing as did most people and make fun of him. I also found this man to be very pitiful, but I never told my friends that, I felt sorry for him. This man was warning the people in this pot of boiling stew what he seen coming in the near future.

    Now when I look back to that time I realize that this man was smarter than all the rest of us put together. He presented his message to the public in such a manner that anybody who saw this pitiful looking man with his sign would never forget him or his message.

    When my friends and I spoke to this man, he would say that Satan was here and he was coming for us to take us captive. He said that there was a spiritual war taken place right before our eyes but we could not see it. My friends and I found this downright laughable, but I am not laughing today. If I could go back in time and speak to this man, I would ask him to forgive me of my ignorance. And I would tell him how right he was. I would shake his hand.

    Today the SGT report is this man carrying the sign speaking out to this pot of boiling stew to anyone who will listen. But just as most of the people on 42nd street laughed and didn’t listen to that man and his message, the people of today are no different. Most laugh at your message and just disregard it as amusing, just as they did back then.

    Today we are closer to the end than most people could imagine. I don’t mean the end of the world, but the end of our freedom, the end of the dollar, the end of our country. By the time most people wake up it will be too late.

    I am not optimistic about the future of this country because I know what the bible says will take place in the near future. The God of this universe who sustains all life has not been shown any honor or respect for his glory and he will unleash upon this earth his almighty wrath in all its fury.

    Sean, I’m glad to see you are as mad as Hell. I have been like that for the past ten years. All I can say to you is stay mad, fight the good fight, and when in doubt throw aces.

    Yankee Doodle

  • mangrove

    Incredible interview. Thanks Sean, Rory, and Jeff. The segment on Rickards was SPOT ON and very revealing. I especially enjoyed Jeff’s explanation of how Rickards is peddling disinformation and using delay tactics to actually get people to think 10 years down the road, so they won’t actually buy gold/silver now, just when they need to the most. Rickards is an insidious insider. I’d call him a lizard but I’m not quite convinced of that idea yet.

    And Sean, your ranting on 9/11 etc. was perfectly in order — I share your anger and RARELY get to hear someone really get worked up appropriately. These false flag crimes are unbelievably atrocious and need to be addressed with anger, not just analysis. THANK YOU for letting it rip. Immensely appreciated.

  • mangrove

    And Sean, to your comment above about pissing more sheeple off than waking them…. yeah, that’s the sad truth for me as well. I keep trying though, although cutting through their brainwashed psyches is almost impossible. “Almost” is what keeps me trying, for that one out a few dozen souls who has the willingness to open his/her eyes.

  • MRH

    I have to say when Sean got going it was pretty great to be part of his rant. The frustration was shining like a new gold coin! I love it and would like to hear it again!! These dirt-bag criminal scum, rickards included, deserve a slow, painful…while bathing in their own… They are not human and they have no soul.

    Documenting the collapse…part of Sean’s purpose. Grateful to be part of it. Grateful to read all the well thought out comments.

  • You have the most valuable web site in my humble opinion. I have a hard time keeping up with all your postings and I’m an old geezer with nothing better to do all day. Keep up the great work.

  • supernatural

    Good interview, Sean & crew . . .

    Something the Holy Spirit challenged me about lately is, to reiterate what my highest Allegiance is to. I had to confess, “The Kingdom of God.” The Kingdom of God has my Highest Allegiance.

    With the shit-storm of deception the world spreads every day, It’s important to remember, Father God has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the Kingdom of his dear Son. Which is Colossians 1:13; itself embedded within verses 12-17; a truly sweet stretch of verse . . .

    It’s important to remember one’s Allegiance is to the Kingdom of God because it’s King, (Jesus Christ) is the source of All Things; (also verse 17.) As opposed to the Devil, who is the Father of Lies, whose M.O. is twisting and perverting everything God makes, be it sexuality, money, justice, law, the government, what people say, etc.

    Fortunately, getting a hold of God will ‘displace’ the worry I can easily slip into because of the world. His Spirit literally ‘displaces’ the anxiety the world generates. And that is as it should be. He is the great I Am. His Peace should be able to displace the negative effect of the world. His joy . . . literally, the Joy of the Lord, SHOULD displace the anxiety the world spews.

    Truth is, IT DOES! To get a hold of God literally, like get your hands on Him real, is truly the remedy for the toxins of this world. And of course, it is Your Faith with which you will lay hold of God.

    But don’t stop with a little 15 second prayer. Don’t stop with a declaration of Faith in the Resurrected Christ. Don’t stop at a conviction he is truly the Son of God, sent to be our propitiation-

    Rather, bring Heaven down by walking out the Kingdom of God – in you – as Christ told us. If we have received his spirit, we are his Ambassadors. Let us live then, as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God. We should always be ‘above the storm,’ because he that is in us is truly greater than he that is in the world. Even when it well and truly hits the fan, we should still be ‘above the storm.’ This is because our existence isn’t controlled by our outward circumstances, but by the inner Kingdom we have been translated into.

    God alone knows what the future will bring, when he will send Christ to return, when he will cast the Devil and his cohorts into the bottomless pit and the lake of fire. And while being aware of the deception in the world is vital and preparing for eventualities is critical, walking in the Victory Christ has already wrought is . . . priceless. We have already won, friends, if ours and our loved ones names are written in the Lambs Book of Life. Let us turn the battle to the gate and continue freely giving to others, because we have freely received. Let’s not forget, Jesus didn’t have his servants fight, because his Kingdom was not of this world. Even though the Constitution Authorizes us to defend it, we still have a higher authority, and Joy, to defend.

    And of course, modern Christianity need to find its Back-bone, throw off the cloak of deception the world has smothered it with, and speak the truth with the freedom of speech we have been given. Before it is too late. Which is actually an oxymoron, because it’s never too late to speak. Until you don’t, that is.

  • Joe

    Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel Part 1

    By Karl W. B. Schwarz 6-4-14

    Part 2

    Part 3

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