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The Biggest Nuclear Scare in the US You’ve Never Heard


The largest environmental clean-up effort in the world is going on right now in Washington state at the Hanford Site where tens of millions of gallons of radioactive waste is leaking into the ground. Sam Sacks is on the Redacted Frontlines to explore the legacy of nuclear power and nuclear waste in America.

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1 comment to The Biggest Nuclear Scare in the US You’ve Never Heard

  • Andy

    What a bunch of FUCKING MORONS! What the hell is this? Canned laughter over a report on radioactive contamination, laughs and gags on radiation exposure. Oh… Fucking hilarious!
    You had a scientist on giving you serious information on what was happening and your treating him like some 14 year old kid in the playground.
    Get your act together RT This is bullshit, and you know it. Get rid of these bloody morons and stick to proper reporting.

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