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I just returned from a one week visit to the belly of the Beast: Washington DC – which gives us a lot to talk about. Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins us to discuss the NWO influences over our Republic. In this interview we also cover the latest in gold, silver & economic developments around the world including the Australian government now seizing “dormant” bank accounts. Add to the mix the southern border crisis in the US and the implosion of Iraq and Ukraine — and it’s more than the average person can track. Thanks for tuning in.

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25 comments to THE BELLY OF THE BEAST — Andy Hoffman

  • Hal

    Haven’t listened to this one yet, but definitely a fan of Andy….if he is a shill or disinfo agent then I’m throwing in the towel on the entire “movement.”

    • Tim


      I must have missed something. When you say “if he is a shill or disinfo agent” are you referring to Andy Hoffman? If so, what would cause you to suspect that he’s either of those? Again, did I miss something?

      • mickeymoist

        Ranting Andy the Ass Clown Pumper is no shill…he’s just a misguided PM Pumper that thinks Silver’s going to $4000/oz in our lifetime. Don’t believe me?

        • Tim

          Your comment is very disrespectful to Andy Hoffman. He doesn’t think that silver is going to $4,000. That is a figure that he calculated based on certain assumptions about how much money the Fed has printed and how much gold it has in reserves. He calculated a range of $1,000 – $4,000 for silver.

          You need to get your facts straight before you slander others.

        • SGT

          mickey is a world-class troll who keeps coming back under new IP addresses no matter how many times he gets banned. He’s resilient I’ll give him that. Mickey, my advice to you – bet your remaining. albeit limited fiat, on the FED. They’ll take good care of a guy like you.

          • Ed_B

            Indeed they will, Sean. Right up to the point where their useful idiots are no longer so useful. Then, they will be dropped like hot potatoes.

            IMHO, Andy Hoffman is one of the truly good guys out there in the alternative thought space. His knowledge of the gold and silver production and markets is vast and a lot of us genuinely appreciate the fact that he is willing to spend his time informing people of what REAL money is and how to acquire it. Yes, he works for a company that sells PMs. SO? If he didn’t believe that this was the way to go, he would still be working on Wall Street. Would that be better? Not only “no”, but “HELL NO!”.

            As to these trolls that keep showing up, well, they are a bit like the flak that the guys in WW-II had to deal with over Europe. When they were getting hit by it, they KNEW that they were “over the target”. Andy is, indeed, over the target with his comments on PMs, the economy, the banks, and many other things. This is why he is attracting this sort of attention. If he was way off target, no one would waste their time dumping on him. Kudos to Andy Hoffman. He’s doing a helluva fine job, IMHO.

            Kudos to Sean and Rory as well. Great interview… as usual. Thanks, guys. It’s very much appreciated.

        • Slvrizgold

          Mickeymoist doesn’t think the dollar can lose 98% of its purchasing power in a lifetime. IN MY GRANDFATHER’S LIFETIME… IT DID!!!! And in mine, which is hopefully less than halfway done, prices of everything have went up 5-10x or more whether you measure by: cars, houses, medical, food, tuition, well, basically EVERYTHING. But fiat bulls think this time is different. LOL

      • Hal


        Sorry I’m often not as clear as I could be . I have never thought of Andy as a shill, actually he seems to be one of the more genuine voices out there in terms of actually trying to be honest and believing what he is saying…..there are undoubtedly many (well disguised) shills and if Hoffman somehow turned out to be that I would be so astounded I would just quit this whole “truth world!”

        Not really, more joking but it would be a great let down!

        I guess because I generally agree with his overview, but I think Andy is quite truthful.

  • Abby

    It is the Vatican. Christians in the Middle East and across Africa who are not Roman Catholics are being killed. Orthodox Christians in East Ukraine are being killed. If Russia had remained atheist this Ukraine situation would not have happened. In the US thousands of Mexicans are crossing the border. They are Roman Catholic. The Vatican supported Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood is hand in glove with the Nazis and the Vatican. So are the Zionists. Nuland has made that perfectly plain. A Jew supporting Nazis. All three worship the Temple, all three are joined at the hip. All three are not true Hebrews, Christians or Muslims. All three are slave masters and they are liars and thieves and crooks. All three worship Satan and all three are infiltrators and deceivers in all three faiths. They have used the beliefs of others, infiltrated them, corrupted them and manipulated them for their own gains.

  • SoFewBullets

    Andy SAID he believes that if ANYONE believes The Rockefeller’s and their friends are doing just what David said he wanted to do that “THEY ARE CRAZY”. Even President Kennedy spoke about them. I don’t know if Andy is still in denial or what. With this and the last time SGT interviewed him he said Hillary was just out “a hard worker”. Not to mention again all the murders but the CO_Presidents Clinton were traitors. Have people forgotten that they burned down half of White Sands to hide their selling of our nuclear missile guidance systems to the Chinese. Or the Red Chinese agent sitting in on top secret intelligence meetings on The Clinton’s Authority only? —- For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will.
    If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” David Rockefeller: No The NWO doesn’t exist and every thing that is happening is simply because bankers are scrambling to save some cash! WAKE UP BUDDY. IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!

  • Rodster

    One thing I would like to see Sean or Rory ask one of these guys is. What confidence do they have that China won’t do the same shit to their gold backed reserve currency that everyone else has done throughout history? Based on their track record of FRAUD and MANIPULATION of their markets, i’m not convinced their reserve currency “Yuan” will make it past a few decades.

  • Tom G.

    Listened to the whole interview. Thanks for putting that together guys.

    • SGT

      Thanks guys. Wonder what the FED will purport to be true this week…

      • Ed_B

        Hard to say, Sean, but if there is a better negative indicator out there than Fed-speak, I do not know what it might be. Remember, these are the folks who cannot find inflation, even though the US stock market is about double what our current sick economy can justify and food and fuel prices are going through the roof. They also seem to think that unemployment is under 6.5% these days, when everyone knows that this is less than half the real rate of unemployment. I mean, how in God’s name can we have unemployment below 6.5% AND the lowest labor participation rate in 40 years? Their comments on inflation seem to be: “Inflation? What inflation? We don see no steenking inflation!”. (insert massive eye-roll here)

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  • Jeff

    Andy Rules!

    A bit OT but here is Bill Still’s latest take on “the dog ate my emails”. My apologizes Sean if you already posted….

    Everything now is just pure farce. Laugh at it while you can.

    • Ed_B

      Yeah, that is pretty ridiculous… and so very convenient too. Perhaps the IRS should ask the NSA for a copy of all those “missing” emails? Surely, they are on file somewhere.

  • lostCause

    The reason the us toppled the regimes mentioned is they were going to start selling oil for gold or euro’s.

  • Dissolution

    Belly of the Beast. How true indeed. I’m kicking off my new campaign today:

    Here’s a big “SHOUT-OUT” to King Philippe of France! Hail Philippe! Job well done.

    All these assholes have a common lineage. Let’s carry the torch and rout them out.

    • Dissolution

      Oh, and just to throw some salt in there, did I mention…

      FUCK Jacques de Molay?

      Support the “Hail Philippe, Fuck Molay!” campaign, and make sure to tell your local Templar-Mason-Globalist 🙂

      • NaySayer

        Why would you want to support either of them? Fuck Philippe and also Molay.

        they are BOTH bad and anti-freedom.

        • Dissolution

          Well, let’s do a thought experiment. There are many people who would demonize a leader such as Putin for certain domestic policies pertaining to freedoms, but would we not all rejoice if he suddenly put on trial and executed a great deal of the Templar-Mason-globalists that we all know and love?

          Additionally, Ive come to realize that no matter what logical or impassioned arguments we make, no matter how hard we protest, they simply wont be affected. So, better then to taunt them. I’ll “hail” anyone who has or will burn these evil, “useless eaters” at the stake.

  • Gnostic

    Andy is spot on! Great interview!