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Snowden is Right: NSA can’t PROCESS all its spy-data

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s very possible that people around here are tired of hearing “I told you so” (lol), but it’s one of those phrases which inevitably the Utterer likes to say on a regular basis (lol!).

My previous message on the NSA’s saturation-spying was simple, as are many of my messages (lol). It’s one thing for the NSA to have its cameras (and microphones) pointed everywhere, and to be “collecting” (i.e. stealing/hacking) mountains of data which are mind-boggling in size. It’s an entirely different proposition altogether for any government (or other entity) to be able to process and/or utilize the fruits of its Big Brother surveillance.

Consider these early excerpts from a Bloomberg article just out: When it comes to big data projects, there are none bigger than the National Security Agency’s massive surveillance programs that were exposed by former contractor Edward Snowden a year ago. In internal documents, the agency crowed about the scope of its mission, which was encapsulated in one phrase: “Collect it all.”

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