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SHOCKING: Bergdahl is a Traitor & His Father is a Taliban Sympathizer

[Ed. Note: Can you say Pentagon PsyOp? I knew ya could.]

from Western Journalism:

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5 comments to SHOCKING: Bergdahl is a Traitor & His Father is a Taliban Sympathizer

  • Ed_B

    Not everything HAS to be a psyop. This guy could simply be an a**hole. In fact, I would bet that is the case. He seems to be less than sane and he has probably inherited that from his old man. That Obama seems VERY comfortable with Bergdahl’s father shows them to be birds of a feather.

    • SGT

      did you click on the link and read the article Ed? I don’t believe everything has to be a PsyOp, but I don’t believe in ugly coincidences like this at this nationally staged theatrical level either. Why would they take this unprecedented, illegal action for a man like this one?

      Pentagon PsyOp?

      • BCG

        I read the article Sean.

        I think both these pieces are just part of a Hegelian Dialectic. On the one you have Demo-Lib-Blues who probably want to call this a policy acheivement, and on the other Conserva-Republi-Reds who want to take warmongering potshots at both Obama and anyone who disagrees with endless wars.

        A few weeks ago Obama announced that the Afghan war is wrapping up in Dec. 2016 (yeah right!) but really that is only because the Afghanis rejected continued presence of US troops, just like the Iraqis did a few years ago when then forced US troop withdrawals by threatening to charge US troops with war crimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was really more about releasing the Taliban people from Gitmo than Bergdahl… they might be taking him back as an excuse to release the prisoners (maybe in exchange for the Taliban not interfering with the upcoming presidential runoff at the end of June)

        You want a sleeper terrorist, look at the guys running for president in Afghanistan… one of them renounced his US citizenship so he could run for president there… and oh by the way, he was working at the World Bank when 9/11 occurred. Nothing to see here, just move along.

        One last dimension to this is that it gives everyone a free pass to “support the troops” and demonize anyone who walks away from “the system” (literally) and make no mistake, this is exactly the type of psychological bridge that the NWO uses to draw an unconcious link between a principled white war protester from Idaho and an Islamic ‘murica hating mooslim.

        We owe it to our community to look at this situation critically before we jump on the bandwagon with one of the two MSM teams on this one.

        Don’t stop reporting though Sean, love the site so please keep up the good work! Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss this further

  • Mike F.

    Oh my goodness, move over Reggie Love, Obammy has a new BFF!!!

  • Soup of the day. They feed it to us….. DON’T EAT IT!

    I haven’t paid any attention to this, nor will I. Anything dealing with the “news” is downright disgusting anymore. My blood pressure goes up any time I’m exposed to it.

    News folks should hang right along side the rest of them. Wolf and Brian first.

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