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Seven Years of Preparation

by Chicken Hating Grandma, Survival Blog:

We work best when we have a deadline, so our preparation began in October 2008 with hopes of reaching our goal in seven years. Our son, who is a university professor, became convinced that we had seven years to “prepare”; we were not sure of exactly what we were to prepare for though. (We thought perhaps he had changed his name to Joseph, since the Biblical Joseph had seven years to prepare before the seven years of famine.) We decided to join him, because it couldn’t hurt to be ready for any calamity. Our half-hearted efforts took on urgency after we read Michael Cahn’s book, “The Harbinger”, and listened to his explanation of the warnings God is giving America in seven-year increments. The 2008 stock market crash was about the time our son started us on the preparation path. Only a little more than a year remains until the seven year stint is completed. We stand amazed at what we have learned and accomplished in the last five and half years! Our son keeps reminding us that we are “practicing” for the real event.

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  • Ed_B

    What a great article this is. I like how it stresses an over-all approach to preparing and the many skills that are needed. This is not just physical but social, mental, and religious. When times get very hard, IMO, those who have a strong faith in God will have a better chance of survival than do those who do not.

    As to chickens, yes, they can be a handful to care for and manage correctly but they are also an essential portion of the food system that is needed during hard times. What else can provide meat and eggs from bugs and seeds? Having rabbits is also good but it can be hard for some to kill and butcher the cute little rascals… unlike chickens.

    As to their place not being defensible, well, most places are less than ideal for that. But that should not stop anyone from making the best use of the features they have and maybe installing a couple of their own. Having someone in the circle of friends and family with military experience is good in that they can greatly assist in this effort. If needed, these extra features, such as slit trenches and barriers of various kinds, as well as a watch tower could pay great dividends in terms of reduced injuries and even loss of lives.

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