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Ron Paul: Nothing Orderly About the Currency Collapse That’s Coming — IT WILL BE A PANIC!

from Silver Doctors:

Congressman & former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul joins the show this week, discussing:

  • Putin’s response to US sanctions with economic retaliation- implications for US economy & the US Dollar- It is very significant, dumping of US dollars has begun…The dollar can’t be maintained.  One reason the dollar has been sustained as well as it has been is who wants to buy yuan or euros? But ultimately they will buy the real money, and that’s gold!
  • Paul on the Coming collapse of the dollar & all fiat currencies: Officials in charge of monetary policy are very aware of what’s coming– they believe as long as it is orderly they will be ok… The problem is when people lose confidence in a currency, they lose confidence completely.  There’s nothing orderly about it!  There’s always a panic, and that’s hard to manage.   There will be a day when people will panic in the financial markets, not only in the dollar, but in the world-wide system!
  • The former member of the House Financial Services Committee explains why his nemesis at the Federal Reserve works so hard to discredit gold, and what he wishes he would have asked Ben Bernanke during his grilling of the Fed Chairman at his House Hearings on the Fed’s Monetary Policy

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2 comments to Ron Paul: Nothing Orderly About the Currency Collapse That’s Coming — IT WILL BE A PANIC!

  • rich

    GATA consultant Speck interviewed about gold and silver price suppression

    Market analyst, statistician, author, and GATA consultant Dimitri Speck is interviewed about gold and silver price suppression by Claudio Grass, managing director of Global Gold AG in Rapperswil, Switzerland, in the June edition of the firm’s newsletter:

    When we look at the world today, we see the funded and
    unfunded liabilities of the Western world have skyrocketed in
    historical comparison. Only during the inter-war period between
    the First and Second World Wars was the debt level comparable
    to the levels we see today. The profiteers today are the same as
    those before and during WWI. In essence, I believe that war
    does not necessarily need the destruction of human lives, but is
    defined by loss of the products of human effort. Therefore, I
    believe that the ongoing “Currency War” is comparable to WWI.
    Instead of using missiles, currency has become the weapon of
    mass destruction.

  • Ed_B

    I agree with Dr. Paul. The sheeple out there have NO idea that a large and hungry wolf-pack is circling the flock. In this case, the wolves are: 1) currency devaluation; 2) high, if not hyper-, inflation; 3) loss of World Reserve Currency status; 4) loss of worldwide respect for the US dollar as a safe and secure currency; 5) bank, brokerage, and insurance holidays; and 6) massive debt that not only will not but cannot be repaid… ever.

    When the SHTF, there will be several stages that many will go through. These will include stunned disbelief, fear, anger, hatred, violence, and finally, exhaustion / capitulation. It will be a terrible time. Those who have been trained by the US Gov to depend on federal largess will discover that the bennies spigot has not only shut but the valve handle has been broken off. It not only doesn’t provide that unending supply of freebies, it isn’t going to… ever again.

    A terrible lesson is coming our way and only those who are prepped will survive it. Food, water, heat, light, sanitation, and other necessities will be in very short supply. Only those who have something with intrinsic value will be able to trade for the small supply of goods that will be available. Paper money will be of no value whatever, although what’s left of the Gov will try to force that to work. But it won’t work. People will be, finally, totally disillusioned with inherently worthless paper money. They will not trust the banks, the Gov, or anyone else who participated in foisting the paper paradigm onto the public. In fact, those who have done this may well be in justified fear for their lives. People do not take lightly having their financial future destroyed. When a life-time of hard work and sacrifice has been made with the goal of being able to retire in moderate comfort, snatching that away from them because of their incompetent and skulduggerous policies WILL result in some serious rage. I would say that such rage is fully justified were it not for the fact that we can all protect ourselves from this coming s**t storm by converting a good share of our paper wealth into something of tangible and intrinsic value. Anyone not doing this is simply choosing to accept whatever happens when the SHTF. Such things are many and include: packaged food; medications of all kinds; precious metals; farm land; hand tools; hunting and fishing gear; any sort of small items that are manufactured now but that will be scarce once the SHTF… such as fish hooks and line, .22 ammo, matches, candles, needles and thread, rope, para-chord, tarps, duct tape, space blankets, water purifiers, and a host of personal care items, such as soap, tooth brushes and paste, nail clippers, feminine hygiene products, and even toilet paper.

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