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Response to the WSJ Article: “Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable”

by Dave Mihalovic, Ready Nutrition:

The Wall Street Journal opinion piece “Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable” published May 15, 2014 by Dr. Henry Miller misrepresents the industry and is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Dr. Miller attempts to discredit organic agriculture’s environmental benefits on the basis of pesticide use, lower yields, groundwater contamination, and greenhouse gas emissions. The author displays a clear bias and incomplete knowledge of these subjects throughout the piece.

Dr. Miller states that one problem with organic farming is the use of pesticides, including nicotine sulfate and rotenone. Although natural, nicotine sulfate is listed as a prohibited substance in organic production. Rotenone is not licensed by the EPA for use in the United States and the National Organic Standards Board voted to prohibit rotenone in international organic commerce.

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3 comments to Response to the WSJ Article: “Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable”

  • Johan

    “Organic Farming Is Not Sustainable” – An oxymoron

  • AC

    Organic farming is the only type of farming that actually is sustainable.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, that’s right, because organic farming is the only form of farming that seeks to recycle bio-mass back into the land and not just plaster it with inorganic chemicals that add nitrogen and a few other elements back to it.

      Composted sewage is another way to return nutrients into the land but it must be done carefully so as to avoid ground water pollution.

      When land is properly farmed, which is to say organically farmed, it will produce good yields of crops indefinitely. Commercial farming, on the other hand, tends to wear out the land with yields dropping rapidly over time as nutrients are extracted from the land but not replaced. Like all other activities that are intense, commercial farming is relatively short lived when compared to organic farming techniques.

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