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Quiz: Will You Survive When the SHTF?

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

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3 comments to Quiz: Will You Survive When the SHTF?

  • mangrove

    I scored a 24, so I’m a survivor. Not sure I’d want to be alive in worst-case scenarios of SHTF, though. But I’ve prepared for a lot of contingencies. Honestly, the hardest question was about shooting people knocking on my door for food. I’d do the bluff thing first, I’m sure…. and maybe a warning shot to scare them off. Would I actually kill someone who is trying to steal my food? I don’t know if I’m that kind of survivor. If they had a gun and were threatening me, yes. Otherwise, I just don’t think I could do anything except try and scare them away. Difficulty with hard choices will likely be my downfall.

    • Ed_B

      Yep, a 24 here too. I agree with your assessment about hesitation being your downfall. There very well could be a time when one MUST act decisively and immediately if one is to survive and protect their family. Running a bluff is a dangerous thing. If those you are bluffing are armed, the next step could likely be a lot of bullets coming your way. As to stealing your food, this is just as potentially fatal to you and your family as any gun or knife attack. The results can be just as deadly, only slower to occur.

      Defending ourselves by shooting people does go against what our society has ingrained in us. This is what makes shooting someone a difficult choice. IMO, this SHOULD be a difficult decision, otherwise we all would have little to no respect for human life and every day would be an all day shoot-em-up.

      Like you, I would never go looking for trouble but if it comes to me with threats of violence against me and my family, my response is likely to be overwhelming and immediate violence to them.

      • mangrove

        Thanks Ed_B — appreciated your POV and input. I dearly hope things don’t fall apart to the extent that these kinds of hard choices have to be made. If you’re like me, though, you’ve probably been considering some of these darker possible realities and psychologically prepping at least.

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