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PROOF the Obama Admin Conspired to Take Down the Tea Party

from Western Journalism:

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2 comments to PROOF the Obama Admin Conspired to Take Down the Tea Party

  • Ed_B

    The entire Obama gang needs to be investigated, arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed for the remainder of their miserable lives. Further, ALL of their assets should be confiscated and paid into the US Treasury. This is what happens to treacherous scum in a just world. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be happening in this one.

  • Rainmaker

    @Ed_B. “It won’t be happening in this one.” ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. EVER. We have all been mentally and emotionally castrated over the last 5-6 generations to even have a cognizant thought on any of these issues. WE ARE ALL TO WEAK AND STUPID TO EVEN STAND UP FOR OURSELVES OR OUR PROGENY. Good luck to you Ed-B. I feel your pain, but more, I feel sorry for our children and grandchildren. Cuz we don’t have the cajones. Blog on, bro.

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