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Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong

by Rory,

This all started back in 1839 and has grown to become a global scourge. You can thank the banking cartel for their humanitarian efforts later, but now let’s look at one of their greatest contributions to man-kind. Not only have they dedicated themselves to destroying silver, but in the process they found a way to destroy neighborhoods, cities and entire regions around the world.

My brother died at the age of 45 from what was ruled as an accidental overdose. He had been a heroin addict most of his life. The usual story, in and out of rehab and jail, government sponsored methadone programs, lying, stealing, etc, etc. etc. The reason that I am sharing this is because of a story that has been developing for well over a year and is back in the news again. “Land used for opium cultivation at historic high – UN”. This story from RT describes how the Afghans are now using a larger percentage of their precious farm land to produce opium. Why would they do this? Well, the answer is quiet simple. The banking cartel fund the operations in order to produce heroin for the global drug trade.

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5 comments to Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong

  • C.I.

    Sadly I Commend Your Feelings.

    Has Been Done Before By Many Such As Yourself.

    Nothing Has Been Done So Far.

    I Wish You Luck In That Your Voice Will Be Heard In This.

    Maybe Now Is The Time For Change.

  • Yep…. We have to chase down a boogie man hiding in a cave.

    Opium was ALWAYS the reason for us being in Afghanistan.

    How many dead on BOTH sides? Families destroyed and a country decimated…… what for???????

    Drug trade and profits for the bankers. These folks are real shits.

    There is ONLY one answer to this……. Figure it out soon.

  • MRH

    Thanks CI and Mark F. This is part II of an ongoing series. The bankster scum is the ONLY reason our world has a drug problem. With the detailed information coming from the UN it is almost reads like a annual “prospectus” from a companies board of directors–well, I guess it actually is.

    Pitchforks anyone?

  • AgShaman

    Soon…they will have all the customers they are looking for here in the USA.

    When the 3rd world sets up shop in Americana, following the isolation of our economy and unbacked currency…you will be hard-pressed to find sober and cognizant adult humans that aren’t addicted to smack or some designer pills they’ve been popping.

    Your daily tasks will include getting thru the day without having a zombie end your life and steal your trinkets.

    The Syndicate will be enjoying the show and watching the carnage from their bunkers….with the Hegellian intent to arrive in the “nick of end times” to offer a solution to all our problems (order out of chaos)

  • Ed_B

    I agree that the bankster scum have done all manner of low-life things for a long time but… there is so much money in the drug business that I have to think that it can easily sustain itself without any help whatever from the snoots in suits.

    Farmers in very poor countries around the world grow opium poppies and cocaine plants for the simple reason that they can make 5-10x as much money as they could growing coffee or fruits and veggies. That is a HUGE financial incentive. That kind of raise in pay and living standard is not just so they can buy toys and trinkets but so that their wives and children can eat and dress decently, have decent medical and dental care, have a house that is better than scraps of wood and tin, and go to school. This will continue until they can prosper without growing the plants that feed the drug industry.

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