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NRA Slams Open-Carry Demonstrators: Says attention-hungry activists setting stage for further Restrictions

from Off Grid Survival:

NRA takes stand against irresponsible gun-rights activists who are endangering other gun owners and setting the stage for further restrictions because of their idiotic antics….

Last years I did an article on these type of people and received some heat from some other gun owners; thankfully, the NRA has come out and pretty much said the same thing that I wrote about last year which is these open carry activists are bad for business!

Over the last year or so, a number of restaurants who used to allow guns have put polices in place banning them, after activists started showing up at their stores looking like a bunch of armed mall ninjas.

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6 comments to NRA Slams Open-Carry Demonstrators: Says attention-hungry activists setting stage for further Restrictions

  • Johnny Fever

    Ok this is why i don’t support the sellout NRA. I disagreed with Mark S Mann’s article too but the capthca code didn’t work. How come people aren’t afraid to walk down the sidewalk with speeding cars going by? I mean the car could swerve and kill them .. this is the same as open carrying a gun in a store .. we HAVE to get people used to this

    • Hannon

      I agree we have to get people used to this, and for most of our history it was acceptable. We need a cohesive plan for incrementally reconditioning the public the way they were conditioned to give up their gun rights, or hide them like an outcast. Either way, the riffles are going to be in the streets, and I’d rather see it as activism instead of a civil war. Whether Mark is right about trying to be tactful or not, something is going to break. I’d like to see the NRA come up with a manual and a plan, for open carry activism. Perhaps for now, encourage open carry pistols on the 2nd of every month, with an activist T-shirt, then open carry riffles in sidewalk marching with flags and literature, but stay in obvious activist groups and out of the stores and businesses for now, then inch towards bigger goals as people becomes more used to it, because one person walking into a building with a riffle is going to scare the shit out soccer moms and nobody on the gun control side gives a fuck about freedom.

      This isn’t an argument of what the Constitution states, or using logic and self rule, the real fight is for the medicated minds of sitcom watchers, until the fight is for survival, we have to sell it to tv watchers in a way we can recapture their minds, without playing on the fear that makes them run to the system.

    • Mark S Mann

      I don’t understand what you guys don’t understand. Not every state in this union is like pro-gun Texas. Your speeding car example makes no sense. I am not pro-homosexuality. I am against gay marriage for moral reasons, but I do I care what consenting adults do in their bedroom. If there was a mall, a restaurant, or a bar that openly promoted homosexual people groping and mauling each other with mass public display of affection, I would stay clear of that place big time, as I am sure most of you would. I don’t like homosexuality smeared in my face, as I am sure people who are squeamish around guns don’t like it shoved in their face. If you people don’t understand how its counter productive to do this, then I question your level of intelligence and common sense.

      I don’t care if people want to practice “open carry” with a pistol or long gun where legal as long as the person doing it is not in a bar. With that said have a little finesse, a little tact, and a little common courtesy. I have said pic your spots. Don’t do it to smear it in peoples faces, and then be surprised when someone treats you like an asshole.

      I have asked over and over what fucking purpose does it serve to have a bunch of couch commando looking assholes walk into a mall or a public restaurant with military rifles slung? I have not received a single intelligent response to date.

      People need to understand that extremist right wing conservatives have done just as much damage to gun rights as left wing ultra liberals, and this is a prefect example.

      You want to “condition people”??? Condition them that you are nothing to fear, because you are a safe, competent, and professional about how you conduct yourself when using firearms and exercising your rights. Compare that to a bunch of dickheads waling into a mall wearing camo pants and carrying AK’s just because they want to flaunt it. “Nahhhh Nahhhh, look what I can do, and you cant do anything about it. Go ahread call the police”. That’s what these people are doing.

      Lastly….when will you people ever wise up to the fact that you will NEVER win universal acceptance by the people you are trying to “condition”? Its a waste of your time, and it under minds the work of people who are trying to fight the real fight.

      I told you that this would escalate and it has, and this is only the beginning. Stop wasting your time trying to prove a point to assholes who would never even give you the time of day, and start focusing on what you are going to do when the next round of national legislation comes around. Soon after the 2014 election cycle is over, its going to hit the fan.

      • Hannon

        What don’t you understand about freedom, Mark. This isn’t about guns, this isn’t about what purpose it serves, this is about being able to make the choice. The 2nd says keep and bear arms, not keep arms out of sight and never bear them. I don’t walk around with cammo and my AR, but I would like to take me kids out with a 1911 on the side of my jeans instead of a shitty little Bersa in my pants, with out some dickhead storm trooper harassing or arresting me, because he thinks it’s his job to wage war on freedom. I didn’t disagree with tact the first time around, but you nor anyone else has the right to tell me I can have a riffle but not carry it, the government(s) and it’s enforces don’t legitimately have that authority, period. If we can’t carry it around, then it can only be used at a range, so we might as well do like the brits and have them locked up at the range. I offered an idea, and like I said, those riffles WILL end up in the streets. This open carry movement IS only going to grow no matter what, now the NRA and others can get out a head of it and steer it into something more palatable for the storm troopers and public, or they can fade away to a group that will. Everyone in my family is pissed the NRA just said this, and I’m not happy either. The NRA has a dismal record when it comes to protecting real gun rights, I haven’t given them a dime in years because of shit like this.

        • mark s mann

          Freedum…..Ya….walking around with a rifle on your shoulder is all about freedum…..freedum to make yourself look like a right wing extremist. I agree with you, the NRA has become a bureaucratic nest of useless lobbyist. I am not even a member nor have I ever been because I had their number since I was a kid.

          However this this one of the few times I agree with them.

          I am not telling you cant do what you want to do. I am telling you that you should not do it to rub it in peoples faces, just because you can. Get it through your head. I know you can read, you just don’t want to understand.

          There is a difference between exercising your right to open carry where legal, and creating a “demonstration’ with people just to rub it in the face of the public at large, just because you can. Don’t fool yourself, or try and pass off the bullshit to anyone that you are doing it to “condition” or “educate” the public.

          When these ‘open carry demonstration’ assholes create an incident and the other side uses it against us, there is going to be millions of gun owners that are pissed off, and justifiably so.

  • scott

    It’s a futile effort so forget about it. Pacifists and Soccer mom’s will never accept it and since the “establishment” is in charge of all propaganda it will NEVER be accepted.

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