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No Solution to Record Number of Homeless Families in San Francisco

from Truth-Out:

An early version of this article first appeared in Street Sheet, a newspaper produced by the Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco and given to homeless persons who are able to sell the newspapers on the street and keep money they make from the sales.

Last year the San Francisco Chronicle reported the number of homeless families in San Francisco had reached a record high and, now, one year later, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have decided to act.

On April 30, city supervisor Mark Farrell held a hearing in City Hall to discuss cost-effective strategies for housing the homeless, one in a series of five hearings to address different aspects of homelessness in San Francisco.

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1 comment to No Solution to Record Number of Homeless Families in San Francisco

  • Eric B

    I have and idea for a new IPhone app……..Share Space! It will allow a bleeding heart libertard to offer up their SF residence and allow a homeless family to use it while they are busy during the day working yo pay for it……..what a grand plan to end the ” problem ” in SF. Maybe the SF losers could also stop doing publicly funded cash and assistance handouts that only encourage the mass migration of these poor souls into SF. There isn’t a clean corner left on Market st glad I don’t have to work there anymore!

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