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from Jason A:

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  • iguana green

    What will you do when the UN troops come and take down our way of life? They will give out the food. They will give out the medicine. They will decide who lives. The rule of LAW will be absolute. it will seem fair and just right to most that have no freedom, food or work. Zombies will be grown. Many will die to cull the inferior.
    What you gonna do about it? better prepare to sustain yourselves. At least for the time it will take to trickle into rural America after the cities have been destroyed and taken over by the Satanic elite.
    This is making me lose some sleep. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ International Jewry did a hell of a job brainwashing all of us :

    Also ‘nice’ to read :

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID article :

    ■ The 20th Century : The Talmudic Triumph over Western Civilisation :

    ■ ‘Pax’ Judaica World Wide :

    So keep it up, Jacobson ..!

  • knowtoomuch

    Jacobson said :
    Frank ,
    KTM is an european muslim immigrant that probably arrived from Africa .
    He hate jews and blame jews .
    This bastard lives in a country that enslaved people more than most of the countries in the world .

    Look, Jacobson, six months before we met over here and had a little chat.
    I than told you and tell you now that I’m a (born) dutch guy living in France for 17 years.
    I’m not a muslim nor am I from Africa, ok ?
    Never been ther by the way.

    So you were deliberately LYING as your jew nature tells you to.

    So you’re FULL of Unholy Shit, Jakobson, so my CONGRATULATIONS !

    You passed the ‘Kosher Test’ once more !

    So the tribe of Benjamin (*) isn’t any better than those of his brethren ?

    WHAT a ‘surprise’ ..!

    * = the part that didn’t convert to / recognize Christ as The One, so the ‘seeing blinds’ …

    • Jacobson

      So you really think I care about you ?

      -RT : Belgium facing shariah law

      -The Introduction Of Sharia In Belgium

      -Shriah Police in Belgium

      -Radical Islam in Belgium


      Good luck !
      This time , my people are out .
      And I wonder why you are so obsessive with Israel …
      Better take care of the come into being hell .
      Not beacuse I’m against islam , its the clashes when people feel their tum .
      And never forget , la illaha illa allah !
      Europe is changing Inshaallah !

      • Jeff

        Why don’t you two go get a room.

        • Jacobson

          I’m in the room called Israel ,
          but some people think they can decide for others from the other side of the world ,
          they also think they now what justice is …

      • Gnostic

        Jacobson, Jews are behind multi-cultural invasion of white European Nations. Barbara Spectre who made Aliyah in her own words.

        (1 min 19 second video)

        When will Jews allow mult-culturalism in Israel? NEVER they are 2 faced jackals.

        • Jacobson

          Oh , tell Barbarararara Spectre to stay there and do whatever she wants .
          Most of the jewish people don’t want to beg for mercy from racist europeans .

          Multi-culturalism ?
          What kind of ?

          ism ism ism . We don’t need all this ******ISM . We have the Torah !

          • Jacobson

            613 Rules of the Torah , examples :

            -Not to delay payment of a hired man’s wages
            -Not to do wrong in buying or selling
            -Not to borrow on interest

            And then you call the Rothchilds jews ?
            Ha !
            The first nation in human history that wrote a rule against interest .

            Go teach children and “wake” them up .
            Beacuse we were borned aware of the lies …

          • Gnostic

            Jacobson your Torah is a supremacist book with a war god Yahweh,

            Isaiah 49:23 Kings shall be your foster fathers, and their queens your nursing mothers. With their faces to the ground they shall bow down to you, and lick the dust of your feet. Then you will know that I am the LORD;

            I will let you know no one will lick your feet you will be defeated, all roads lead back to Rome.

            • STEVEN

              Exactly Gnostic! ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!

              Sure,you have PAPAL JEWS (who are not really Jews) serving the POPE…this All blame on racial Jews is a lie

  • steve

    I used to worry alot about this stuff. Once I realized the day will come when we find ourselves having to decide what we will put up with, I am quite certain that most people will not want this life and will choose a path we find more to our liking. The commercial ending analog television broadcasting “By LAW” made me question what the hell is “the LAW”. This seemed so out of normal I had to look into it. Peoples eyes are opening everyday from researching food, medicine, weather. water you name it. The criminals are being found out. Like us here they to will choose another way just like we did. Especially after they have all their wealth stolen. I have my worries, but alot of people are starting to ask me “did you here about” the topics they ask me are often time posted here at sgtreport or similar sites. Not only that but the interval between them discovering it and my discovery is shorter. Until then remove yourself from their jurisdiction and live without their money.
    steve out

    • Ed_B

      What is the law? To me, it’s the US Constitution. Follow that and we’ll all be fine. Not that the US Gov or Fed adhere to it by any means. With them, it is strictly a matter of convenience. They follow it only when it is convenient for them to do so. This will come up when they stand trial.

      • steve

        I view thw Constitution as a LEGAL matter and the Declaration of Independence as the LAW. IMHO the Constitution is not even applicable to “the people” until one of them enter a position in government. Our adherence and obedience to these man made laws is the problem. Why should any individual be required to follow the whims and desires of people in small rooms making rules. The LAW cannot be violated. Everything else is LEGAL.
        steve out

  • Sam

    Pure EVIL!

    If you can comprehend this and are abhorred, you are the resistance!

  • I’m sure they (THE NWO THUGS) would prefer us (humanity) to meet them in open battle. We won’t, that wouldn’t work out any better for us than it did for the Iraqi’s. No, as Gen. MacArthur said, fight them where there aren’t.

  • F16Hoser

    Hey Faggot (Barry): “I’m your HuckleBerry!”

  • JC

    Their NWO is not happening. Do you think they would have been stopped in Syria and Iran if this was going forward? I think some of them are banking on being on the inside with China, but part of me feels the Chinese are waiting for some payback for the Opium War days. Russia is definitely not an NWO puppet, and Iran is also independent. These guys are on their last leg….my bigger concern is them flipping over the table and using nukes, but I’m not going to live my life worrying about that. Prepare for the fall of the dollar – get food in your house, a way to protect yourself and start thinking about how to survive as part of nature instead of this false reality we have been sold. Also, spend some time thinking about how you can use your capital to rebuild society in the way we know is honorable. Be also ready to teach your neighbors as most of them won’t be ready to listen until they’ve lost everything. You will be a blessing to them and will have a great responsibility to rebuild lives. As Mark Passio stated, “You are the Illuminati!”

  • c.i.

    Seems Upfront To me In That No Hiding Anything.

    You Have A Chance To Stop It If You Have The Drive Within You.

  • knowtoomuch

    @Jacobson : Yep, the jewish Haute Finance did a hell of a job pushing mass migration to Europe.

    I know there will be a civil war over that issue ; impossible it won’t come.

    But then again, that’s why the Jew Finance pushed for mass immigration, isn’t it ?

    • Jacobson

      Yes ofcurse , it’s the jews that brought millions of muslims to your anti semite continent .
      It’s the jews that responsible for 5 childern on average for a muslim family in EU .

      Every time when Europe (the poorest continent in the world) , falls down , the anti semite europeans are looking for a target to blame .
      In ww2 the jews were blamed , this time it’s going to be the muslim .
      But the muslims are tough and they are going to kick your white racist asses !!!
      Ready ?

      • Jacobson

        Europe didn’t pay for its crimes in the last 2000 years .
        So the immigrants are going to eat you from inside .
        I wish them goodluck with their fight against the racist christian world , the vatican and the infidels .

        Bittawfeeq !


    Joe Biden is the President…Barry Davis Obama is just the Toby

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