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from KOMO 4 News, via MOXNEWSd0tC0M:

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  • Brian

    Smells an awful lot like a direct tax on my right to travel freely. Would they repeal the state gas taxes? What would prevent them from fining you for speeding? How would people traveling on private roads or land be exempted?

  • Warp

    This is more Agenda 21. They are pushing people into the megacities.

  • NIX

    Thousand of volunteer!!!!

  • Scott

    Holy fuck! Not another government program that requires thousands of employees to do the work of 100!! NO MORE NEW F’N PROGRAMS! Just increase the F’n gas tax per gallon….no new program necessary!!

  • Mike

    Makes me sick! Why not just tighten their belt and stop wasting money. I saw NC as one of the states considering screwing their citizens. Already pay gas,property and state income as well as states sales tax…Far Far too much, pure theft and get nothing in return. They came through my neighborhood years ago probably 10 years and installed sewer lines. They still to this day have not fixed the roads they destroyed, looks terrible. Time to sell and get the hell out…Also what are they going to do about highways and people from free states traveling through?

  • Sayldog

    Gas taxes won’t be collected from electric vehicles (not to mention hydrogen or natural gas). They’ve got to come up with a way to pay for roads as more vehicles transition away from gasoline. Just sayin’.
    It seems to be fair that a vehicles weight should be part of the taxing formula, as the heavier vehicles cause more road damage than do lighter ones.

    • Ed_B

      Gotta agree with that comment on vehicle weight. Over the road trucks used to have signs on them saying, “This vehicle pays $4972 in over the road taxes each year”. Whenever I saw one of those I always wondered if those trucks did 2-3 times that much damage to the roads.

  • Sigo Plapal

    The red flag here is they want to use a GPS to collect mileage. Cars already have odometers. Most places already have vehicle inspections so they could get an odometer reading at the time of inspection. They could also just raise gas taxes as the easiest solution. The GPS is what they really want.

  • Mike S

    I have a solution. stop STEALING all the money that is supposed to go to roads and bridges and using it to pay for unfunded public union pensions. As long as the “Fox is guarding the hen house” expect more taxes to be sucked out of the middle class and ZERO changes in whatever they CLAIM its going to be used for.

    • NaySayer

      Expect to be nickel ($5) and dimed ($10) to death for fees and taxes for everything from library fines to getting into a supposedly public park.

      They’ve messed up the pensions and they can’t let the state/federal workers know because maybe the people will see that the wizard is just an old guy behind a screen. Maybe the cops and soldiers won’t protect them from the angry citizens when it all collapses.

      Every mainstream show has “heroic” soldiers and cops. Every mainstream show denigrates anybody who has what used to be considered true american values of thinking for themselves and supporting constitutional freedoms.

      They won’t screw over the pensions of the cops and military long after they have screwed over everybody else. But a lot of those cops and military are married to teachers and nurses and what happens if they get screwed over? Will the military and cops protect the elite against the angry citizens???

      This is what the elite have to be worrying about.

      • Ed_B

        “Will the military and cops protect the elite against the angry citizens???”

        Chances are pretty good that by that time, the military and cops will be at the front of the mob coming to get those elite [email protected]@rds.

        • NaySayer

          Maybe, Maybe Not. I hope the cops/military will choose to “protect and serve” the citizens but have you ever considered that FEMA camps are actually designed as “green zones” for the famiies of cops/millitary so they will get food/meds and a safe place to stay while the cops are out cutting down the citizens?

          Think about it. Most cops won’t leave their families vulnerable to report to duty so how do you get them to work? You provide safety, food, medical care and special privilages for them.

          This is what has happened to the cops in most banana republics. They are a special class and their families live in cop green zones with private everything while they kidnap, extort and use violence to serve the oligarchs.

  • What a crock. Just another monitoring tool to piss people. Off. Put tolls on the roads like ill, nj, fll.

  • johns

    Buy a tractor with cab.
    No registration, no inspection, no insurance, no title, no drivers license ….. NO NOTHING necessary.

    I’ll move over when I see you coming :).

  • Hman

    Taxing your labour is slavery and taxing your movement is jailing you.

  • Steelerdude

    What makes me sick, is we (the people) never get to vote on this…dammit! put it on the ballot!

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