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‘Near-Zero Inflation’ Proves Western Currencies Already Worthless

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:

With the magic of “quantitative easing”; where corrupt Western governments now literally conjure their so-called “money” out of thin air, these governments have the capacity to fabricate infinite quantities of their fiat currencies. Yet these same governments are afflicted with mountainous debts, of unprecedented size. They are afflicted with massive unemployment, of unprecedented scope. And, were it not for large-and-absurd statistical lies; they would also be seen to be mired in permanent recessions/depressions.

Why do these governments, equipped with their magic printing presses, not simply conjure (and hand out) a million dollars for every man/woman/child, to genuinely stimulate our economies, and mop-up the 100+ million permanently unemployed across the Western world? Why don’t they conjure $10’s of trillions more, pay off their mega-debts, and (with no more interest payments to the bankers) once again be able to properly fund necessary government services?

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