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Monsanto Visits Local School for 47 Minute Propaganda Presentation

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

As if the mis-education of our youth wasn’t already a huge issue, guess what your tax dollars are now paying for? Monsanto is visiting local schools to tell twelve year olds all about the ‘good’ they are doing in the world as an ‘agricultural leader.’ As NaturalBlaze puts it, we’re not mentioning this to ‘attack’ schools for allowing Monsanto to ‘infiltrate’, but rather to let you know that Monsanto could very well be coming to a school near you.

One parent filmed his son when he returned from school recently to report that Monsanto had taken over his gym class, showed a power point presentation and passed out a deck of playing cards to students with the Monsanto logo emblazoned on it. Each card had a contrived fact on it, one stated, “the US produces 30% of the world’s soybeans.” Obviously there were no cards that told the truth about what Monsanto does – namely illegally profiting by taking over seed production all over the world and sewing genetically altered crops that require ever-increasing amounts of cancer-causing glyphosate to grow.

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2 comments to Monsanto Visits Local School for 47 Minute Propaganda Presentation

  • Sam

    I’d bet they realize that they are losing their planned grip as more and more countries reject that genetically altered crap food.

    Getting to the children is a sick Marxist/Communist ploy I believe, very telling who and what they are !

    Would be great to pass out truth loaded decks of cards to counter the BS Monsanto is handing everyone.

  • C.I.

    I Have The Impression That You Are Not Kidding With This



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