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LET BANKS FAIL, Says JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon [Just Not His Bank, Right Jamie?!]

from Financial Review:

Get ready for belly laughs and contrast this sunny outlook with Andy Hoffman’s research. According to reporter Tony Boyd, Jamie Dimon “believes” the US is “having a broad based recovery, China is doing quite well, and Europe has not been the disaster people expected… he’s also postive about the fact that Japan is recovering.” And the best one of all, “Governments should abandon the idea of rescuing failing banks.”

Yeah, all banks but his, right? Priceless. ~SGT

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3 comments to LET BANKS FAIL, Says JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon [Just Not His Bank, Right Jamie?!]

  • Eric

    Spoken like a true psychopath! Lies lies lies lies lies!!! Japan is NOT recovering. Europe IS a complete disaster thanks to the European Central Bank and the European Union. These dickheads are so disconnected from reality.

    Get your fiat garbage credit out of JP Morgan or lose it forever!

  • Eric

    UGH!!! The banking system is NOT stable nor is it safe! There is NO recovery in the US and plenty of debunked diffusion index data thanks to Andy Hoffman, Michael Snyder, Jeff Nielsen and many others that prove it! The bail out model is gone. Get ready to be bailed in if you were dumb enough to loan your money as an unsecured creditor to an insolvent financial institution. When ALL the big banks fail and go away, and all those self serving assholes have to produce something of REAL value for once in their lives, then the recovery can begin. Yea, we hope China opens their capital markets so Jamie can go in and take everything.

  • B.M.

    He’s a true American hero (P.O.S.)

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