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from King World News:

Abbie Hoffman knew how to stir up trouble. As the co-founder of the Youth International Party on Christmas Eve in 1967, the so-called “Yippies,” Hoffman became the controversial lightning rod as an antagonist against the “establishment” in the United States. Hoffman was also incorrectly credited for making the statement “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” The statement was actually first made by a man named Jack Weinberg. While his statement was dismissed for decades as a rant of an activist, it sure seems now that it was more of a prophecy than a rant. Anyone currently under the age of 30 must be thinking that Jack was right….

Investing in the “hall of mirrors” through which we suffer today is more difficult than it has ever been in modern times. It is hard to know what to believe given that our institutions, markets, media, and providers of economic data have been corrupted or intimidated into modifying their reports.

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