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Jim Rogers on China’s future & Tim Duy talks US Growth, Jobs, & Unemployment

from Boom Bust:

Our lead story: A new national database is being assembled by the Federal Housing Finance Agency and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will compel as many as 227 million Americans to disclose intimate details about their families’ financial health. Erin takes a look at this new development in big government data.

Erin then brings you her interview with famed investor and author Jim Rogers. Although China has been facing some deceleration recently, Rogers is still bullish. Erin sits down to ask him why and to learn more about his adventures in travel. Then, Erin discusses Federal Reserve policy and US macroeconomic health with Fed Watcher Tim Duy, a professor of economics at the University of Oregon and a blogger of Tim Duy’s Fed Watch.

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1 comment to Jim Rogers on China’s future & Tim Duy talks US Growth, Jobs, & Unemployment

  • Ed_B

    The US Gov is showing every sign of being a Stage III tumor on the body of the USA. It has grown wildly out of control, borrowing, printing, and spending WAY too much and doing WAY too much that is completely unwanted, undesired, and unnecessary. Most of what it does is not ANY of the Gov’s business, yet they cannot seem to refrain from sticking their big beak into everyone’s most intimate business, whether that be health care, retirement, finance, or any number of other areas. It is WELL past the time for the American people to stand up on their hind legs and not only say “no” but “HELL, NO!” to all of this BS. Failing to do this only encourages the bastards to do ever more of the same things and we cannot allow that.

    The US economy is sick, in the hospital, and they are standing on its oxygen tube, scratching their heads and wondering why the patient continues to get worse. The answer is so simple and so obvious, yet it never occurs to them that THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

    The US Gov needs to be cut to somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of its current size. Taxes, fees, and regulations need to be cut drastically. A little trimming here or a little nipping their just is not going to get the job done. Entire departments need to be shut down or greatly reduced in size if there is anything that they do that is actually useful to the American people. In most cases, there is probably very little that is being done in DC that is of any use whatsoever. They are simply building their bureaucratic empires because they can and not because they should. This needs to end. If it does not end, it WILL destroy this country just as surely as it did to the USSR. That nation died not from the type of government they had but from a toxic overdose of government; and the US Gov is doing all it can to reproduce that very same experience. Trust me, folks. That experiment has already been run and we have the data. Government in large doses IS fatal. We don’t need to try this again to know exactly what WILL happen.

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