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It’s A Trap?!?!

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

“Gold and silver have turned!” I bet you have heard that one before. In fact, I said this almost 12 months ago at the end of last June. Back then we had another 2 day waterfall event which became common events throughout 2013. As it turns out, that event was the (a) “retest” of $1,180 in gold and $18 in silver. I believe that last June really was the bottom in price. We have chopped since then and had a good little rally to start this year off only to be pressured down again…but I believe that things have now changed.

So why did the metals soar on Thursday? Was it because Janet Yellen and the Fed were “dovish” as is commonly thought? Maybe, but haven’t they been dovish since 2008? Didn’t we have QE’s 1, 2 twist and then QE3? Hasn’t the Fed, the BOE, BOJ and ECB all flooded the markets with cheap and nearly free currency? Yes they have, but all we have for their efforts is more debt, inflated markets and stagnant economies where it costs the average person more each day to live and survive. Six years after the fact they are still using the word “recovery” when during a normal business cycle we would have had another recession, a second recovery and already be in a 2nd growth phase.

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1 comment to It’s A Trap?!?!

  • Johan

    “The Saudis would announce that they will accept Yuan, rubles and euros but no longer dollars for their oil.”

    Im having cake that day, all day

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