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Is There A Grand Plan?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I received two questions for commentary; the first is easily answered and in the Q & A section and the 2nd has many questions wrapped up into one so I’ve decided that this will be my writing for the day.

My answers are certainly debatable and even though there probably are “correct” answers, as of today it is all speculation.

Q: What do the U.S. ptb see as the ‘End Game’ as far as our monetary/economic system is concerned?

Is the plan to collapse the U.S. and the West and move the power center of the planet East? It sure seems so.

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1 comment to Is There A Grand Plan?

  • Ed_B

    “No, we had no other options other than what has been done unless the Piper was to have been paid 10 or more years ago.”

    Which is exactly when the piper SHOULD have been paid but was not. Like almost every problem out there, delaying its solution only makes it bigger and more difficult to solve. In fact, some problems also reach a “point of no return”, after which it is no longer possible to reach a solution no matter how much time, effort, and money are dedicated to it.

    “Even if we had some left, it will leave our shores as we do not manufacture anything for export.”

    REALLY?! With a $16T economy, ALL of that is consumed in the US? Somehow, I do not think so. There is a HUGE difference between a reduced amount of exports and “no exports”. The US exports PLENTY, particularly in the areas of high tech goods, scientific instruments, aircraft, electronics, and biotechnology. Although not manufactured goods, US food feeds a LARGE part of the world’s population. US beer, wine, and booze is sold globally. US coal goes to Asia and Europe. US entertainment travels the world as well. Yes, we have our problems and there are plenty of them but let’s not fall onto our backs with all 4 paws up just yet. Concentrating on our short-comings while ignoring our strengths makes no more sense than doing the reverse, IMO.

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