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Is Fox News More Dangerous Than Isis? — Russell Brand

from Russell Brand:

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2 comments to Is Fox News More Dangerous Than Isis? — Russell Brand

  • DaveL

    Brand and “the judge” both make valid points. That can mean only ONE THING…WWIII! The “pros and cons” have conjoined to produce ONE SOLUTION.

    Agree to disagree? I don’t think so. WAR is the “final solution” and pre-planned far in advance of this day.

  • Edward

    I have a recommendation for Mr. Brand. Take a stroll through FoxNews for a few minutes just to see if anyone there attacks you. I guarantee no one working at FoxNews will lay a hand on you, other than to shake yours.

    After that, head for the airport and take the next flight out to Iraq. (Don’t forget your passport).
    Now head toward where the ISIS troops are. Introduce yourself and be sure to tell them you came from the United States.

    Now count the seconds until one of them knocks you to your knees and beheads you.
    And now we have one less idiot liberal to worry ’bout.

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