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Is Bitcoin an NSA Setup? Mike Maloney

from whygoldandsilver:

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7 comments to Is Bitcoin an NSA Setup? Mike Maloney

  • DaveL

    It saddens me that someone of Maloney’s reputation supports an electronic, fully manipulable (beyond gold/silver)INTRODUCTORY NWO “MONEY”! When the internet, personal computers, and other “electronic means of monetary trade” GO DOWN….what exactly are Bitcoins worth?!? Where is “your stash”, and how do you know?

    WHAT makes Bitcoin a better bet?

    • mickeymoist

      98% of all transactions in the US today are done with digital, electronic $. The full blown cashless society is less than 25 years away. Yes, Bitcoin is only worth what some sucker will pay but the same can be said for PM’s dude.

      • BlahBlah

        Good points. People who bash bitcoin don’t really understand it. Yes there are DEFINITELY people and organizations out there trying to make a NWO kind of currency, but the nature of crypto makes it pretty easy for the population to create a “fork” of the crypto that the gov controls and just reissue value to the separate chain. Then it is up to businesses large and small to either except the new “coin” supported by rational people or a corrupted one that is supported by leeches–intelligent businesses will know the right way to go there.

        An entire economy is going to be built up using the blockchain, it is up to the little guy how it is used. So the more little guys “buy-in” with either cash or effort to help build it now, the better for them and the rest of the world as they are helping decentralize the value distribution to more people away from those who WOULD LOVE to control it.

        Look into bitshares (i mean do real research) if you want to see what I mean. I am a big “conspiracy” guy when it comes to bitcoin’s potential use against good people, but I also know that, as with every technology, the things that happen with it are up to us. So let’s add value to the crypto-community, I say.

  • NaySayer

    The NWO wants a “cashless” society so that they can cut anyone they don’t like off from the ability to buy or sell anything. Bitcon is a beta test to see if they can sell the idea. I do not trust bitcon at all.

    I think the nwo elite are being stupid to think they can ever accomplish a “cashless” society because they don’t understand what “money” is or can be. Recently it was reported that Tide detergent has become a type of commodity money in homeless communities. Even sex can be a type of money as any hooker knows who takes goods instead of paper money or coins for his/her services.

    I once met a lady at a swap meet who took anything of value for what she was selling: Puppies. You wanted a nice pure blood beautiful mini dachshund puppy but had no cash? She would take jewelry or guns or anything of real value.

  • mangrove

    I’m with you DaveL. At the end of the video he says gold and silver has always been the best money, but then says it may turn out that “Bitcoin is better, who knows?” WTF!

    I never liked this guy, and I really don’t like him now.

    • Eric

      He said, “The very best money there has been throughout history has been gold and silver. Bitcoin is now being tried and it may prove to be better. Who knows?”

      Money is whatever the market decides it to be. Of course it could turn out to be better but i wouldn’t trust my life savings in bitcoin or FRN’s or anything denominated in FRN’s. There is no energy or labor involved to produce one bitcoin just like there is no energy or labor involved to produce one FRN. But there is a place for bitcoin in this world. What I get sick of is people who say they wish they had bought some like it is a stock they are going to get rich with. Nobody wants to make money or provide value of any kind. They just want to WIN money without doing any work. They deserve nothing and that is exactly what they will get.

  • mangrove

    NaySayer: “bitcon” — priceless!

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