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IMF urges U.S. to raise minimum wage

by Robert Schroeder, Market Watch:

The International Monetary Fund on Monday called on the U.S. to raise its minimum wage, but refrained from naming a specific level, saying that’s up to Congress.

In its annual review of the U.S. economy, the IMF said increasing the minimum wage and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would help raise the incomes of millions of poor, working Americans. Read the IMF’s review.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s managing director, told reporters an increase in the minimum wage — now $7.25 an hour — “would be helpful from a macroeconomic point of view.”

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4 comments to IMF urges U.S. to raise minimum wage

  • mac

    *the Fed promises low interest rates for a long time…Do any of u special americans know how low interest rates are brought about? Duh, maybe 2% do, u r so out to lunch intellectually as a nation.

    Low rates are done by buying Bonds or else rates will go zooming up! That is QE dorkheads. Bond purchases are not being really ‘tapered’, and lots of Bonds are rolled over into a new longer time frame.

    So rise up in your minds yankee doodles…. u r so abused by MSM it is sorrowful!

    • Rodster

      You have totally missed the point in that diatribe. What it really says is that TPTB aka The Banksters are seeing their Ponzi Scheme unravel. All those riots taking place around the world and the pent up anger directed at those upper 1% which now have become the UPPER .01% are beginning to fear it will be turned against them.

      The people are waking up without the MSM. 😉

      • Anon

        Rodster, “by Jove”, I think you’ve nailed it! Unfortunately, I do find myself (somewhat) in agreement, with the IMF’s urging the U.S. to raise minimum wage, BECAUSE, a few short years ago, it was determined (by, I think, John Williams at – but, don’t quote me on that) – it was determined, that the minimum wage, for an unmarried person, living in a city, and adjusted for inflation, would be $18.00 per hour. (Seattle, WA recently raised their minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.) THAT ($18.00 per hour), is a FAR CRY from $7.25 per hour – in fact, the current minimum wage is less than half, of what it should be, adjusted for inflation. Folks, we are being raped financially in this country, by the top 1%.

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