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Hillary Clinton: Warmonger For The Bankster Elite

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Unfortunately, it takes the media mouthpiece of the Russian government to tell the truth about Hillary Clinton and the War Party.

You’ll never get the truth from the U.S. government’s media mouthpiece who self-righteously and disingenuously claim they are independent and “fair and balanced” (cue laugh track).

Clinton, of course, is no different than your garden variety Republican, including the any number of neocons. All of them are propped up by the military-industrial-intelligence complex and the banksters who run the show and who laughingly pretend we all live in a pluralistic democracy. Of course, anybody who has more than two brain cells to rub together and is not in serious denial knows we live in an authoritarian plutocracy run for the sake of a small clique of mega-rich and powerful global internationalists.

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2 comments to Hillary Clinton: Warmonger For The Bankster Elite

  • martha

    U get what u deserve yankee dolts

  • Scott

    I just finished watching the French Open! Good tournament! One thing I realized is I’m fucking sick and tired of hearing about the Williams sisters and just want them to go away. That’s exactly how I feel about the fucking Clinton’s. Goddamn I wish they’d disappear! Where is a much desired alien abduction when you need it!!

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