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Governments Careening Out Of Control

As I edit this article, Argentine bonds are collapsing as the nation appears on the verge of catastrophic, hyperinflationary default…

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

When historians look back at 2014, they will unquestionably use it as a case study of government foolishness run wild.  As a 43-year mad experiment in global fiat currency undergoes its terminal stage, the world is experiencing a greater degree of cumulative political, economic and social turmoil than at any time in history.  And sadly, the chaos is just starting; as amidst a rapidly collapsing worldwide economy created entirely by overt and covert government intervention, unprecedented financial bubbles have been created as a temporary “offset” again, entirely due to overt and covert intervention.

Such an unsustainable system must collapse under its own weight; and likely, will do so sooner rather than later.

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